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Contains PR samples   As you know, I am a huge fragrance lover and I am happy about every new scent I can add to my collection. Today I would like to introduce you to a very special fragrance: Wanted Girl by Azzaro.   It’s also my very first women’s fragrance from Azzaro. First of all, I love the message of Azzaro Wanted Girl, because it’s about “Be the most…

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My best companions during summer are Flipflops by Ipanema

Advertisement     After  a few weeks of rainy weather, the summer is finally here. At temperatures above 35 C °, there is no footwear better than my beloved flip flops from Ipanema. Many different designs are matching my favorite looks. The trendy brand has also joined forces with Anitta, an absolute trendsetter this year anyway. By the way, did you know that the Ipanema brand is named after the…
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The new Basler Premium hair care line Intense Repair

Contains PR samples     Do you already know the new premium hair care line from Basler? No? Then it will be high time for me to introduce you to you today. Because I was allowed to test the Intense Repair line with keratin from Basler Premium.     The built-up substances with special active complex help to restore the hair structure. The contained fiber protein keratin can attach to…
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Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette und Pinselset

Contains PR samples     As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Pixi Beauty, both in the field of skin care and in the field of make-up, there are always many great new things to discover at Pixi. Today I’d like to introduce you to the Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes and the Pixi Brush Set.     On the one hand, I was allowed to test the Pixi…
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Smashbox x The Hoodwitch – Crystalized Make-up Collection

Contains PR-Samples     A few weeks ago I was at the launch event of the Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Make-up Collection. Of course I tested the products afterwards for you with great pleasure. The special thing about the products is that they contain real gems. A really successful collaboration between Smashbox and The Hoodwitch. Crystalized and this not only because it’s unique in design, but also in terms of…
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Acer Swift 5 Pro – A feather-light notebook for at home and on the go

ADVERTISEMENT     In the past weeks I was allowed to test the Acer Swift 5 Pro – today I want to tell you about my experiences with the stylish laptop. I tested the Acer Swift 5 Pro in my everyday life and of course on the way too, because so much in advance it is super light.     In terms of performance, it is very important to me…
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Meet my matte lipsticks MAC and #vivaglam

Contains Press Samples     Mac Cosmetics lipsticks have been some of my absolute favorites for years now. Of course I was especially happy about some new colors joining my collection. Every year a huge highlight to me is the Vivaglam lipstick by Mac Cosmetics – this year he even celebrates an anniversary.     The Mac Cosmetics Vivaglam lipstick is something very special. Because all the sales proceeds are…
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My stay at The Draycott Hotel London

contains advertising     Last week we stayed for a long weekend in the British capital London. For me, this city is always worth a visit, whether for shopping, for cultural or culinary experiences. If you ask me, there is always something new to discover in London. And I had the chance to stay at the beautiful boutique hotel The Draycott in London.     The unique 5 star hotel…
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Skin Care News for Face & Body by Sisley

Contains ads     As you know, Sisley is one of my favorite brands. The products are of high quality like no other and convince me time and again with their effectiveness. In the past weeks, I was again able to test some novelties for you, which I would like to introduce to you today.     Let’s start with the – for me personally – most important novelty to…
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Last minute gift ideas for mother’s day

contains advertising     On Sunday is mother’s day and you have still no present for your mom? Maybe I can help you with some great gift ideas.   Elie Saab – Girl of Now Forever     Elie Saab is primarily known for his bridal gown collections – anyone who reads my blog for a while knows for sure that there are wonderful perfumes by Elie Saab as well.…
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Make-up News by Guerlain: L’essentiel Foundation & Rouge G

Contains advertising     Today it’s time for some great make-up news from one of my favorite brands: Guerlain. Because at Guerlain there are many new things to discover and, as always, they come in high quality and stylish packaging.   Guerlain – L’essentiel Foundation Éclat Naturel 16h Wear     The new Guerlain L’essentiel Foundation Éclat Naturel 16h Wear contains 97% natural ingredients. The formula lets the skin breathe,…
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