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The perfect business look stands and falls with the fit, which is why I am – especially with my 160 cm – a fan of Sumissura, because nothing fits better than a tailor-made costume. In my last business look post, I have already introduced you to my Sumissura suit. But this time I wanted a more feminine touch and decided to go for a costume.

The ordering process at Sumissura is just as simple, just take the measurements and enter them. It is important to measure and enter the measurements as described, do not add any extra centimeters. For the feminine silhouette I recommend to choose the waisted version of the blazer. A skirt that ends just above the knee is the perfect business length. But don’t forget to wear stockings in any weather. Choose the desired details like collar, length, buttons, lining etc. according to your preferences and look forward to the new costume.

This time I decided to wear a costume in classic black, because this look always fits, whether for a job interview or a business meeting. With a patterned blouse you can spice up the simple look. Stylish accessories like belt, handbag, jewellery and shoes also add a personal touch. For my look I therefore go for the accent colour red with handbag and pumps, so I’m already ready for the after-work drink with my office colleagues.

Tips for the perfect business look

  • The blazer must fit, too wide shoulder pads, too long sleeves or a bad fit look unprofessional.
  • Choose muted colours if you work in a conventional profession: Dark blue, black or dark grey.
  • To give the outfit a personal touch, use accessories. Depending on the occasion, these can also be more eye-catching.

Now I wish you a lot of fun creating your perfect business look.





  1. Shadownlight
    Tuesday July 21st, 2020 / 12:48 PM

    Sehr elegant!
    Liebe Grüße!

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