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Acer Swift 5


In the past weeks I was allowed to test the Acer Swift 5 Pro – today I want to tell you about my experiences with the stylish laptop. I tested the Acer Swift 5 Pro in my everyday life and of course on the way too, because so much in advance it is super light.


Acer Swift 5


In terms of performance, it is very important to me that a notebook can take on different tasks at the same time, as a blogger I often write posts online on the blog, at the same time I edit photos in Lightroom and answer e-mails in Outlook, the Acer Swift 5 Pro can deal with that without any struggles. On the one hand, I need a fast processor, especially for my image editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop need a strong notebook because they require a high performance, with a slow processor, the processes are not executed fast enough and the programs threaten to stagnate. Shortly in the worst case, I edit a picture and Lightroom crashes, then I would have to start over. But not so with the Acer Swift 5 Pro – thanks to the built-in i5 processor of the 8-generation, I can easily edit videos and pictures without unnecessary time due to long processing times or even program crashes. Often I work in various applications such as Word, Outlook, Lightroom, Photoshop and WordPress on WordPress, these applications all need a lot of RAM – this has already been surrendered to laptops in the past. This problem is a thing of the past thanks to the Acer Swift 5 Pro with its 16 GB of RAM (!) – no matter how many programs, tabs and Co. I had opened – the Acer Swift 5 Pro did not let itself be disturbed and performed flawlessly ,



Since I have all my business data, pictures and important learning materials on my laptop, security is also very important to me. After all, you never know and passwords are crackable. That’s why I’m so excited about the integrated fingerprint scan function that unlocks the notebook. I have been using the fingerprint or face ID feature on my phone for years, but I have never had this before on a laptop. But I can be sure that my data is secured even if lost. In addition, the notebook is ready to go in the lecture, on the train, at home and in the café thanks to a short finger scan.


Acer Swift 5


For those who may not be quite technically savvy, it certainly helps a lot if the notebook is up and running without much effort. The Acer Swift 5 Pro even helps you to set up the Cortana speech control application when needed. As soon as the notebook is switched on, it is ready to go within a few minutes. Only the country, the keyboard setting and the wifi connection need to be selected. This process guides you from the notebook so that it is ready to start without much effort.


Acer Swift 5


Now to one of my other personal highlights of the Acer Swift 5 Pro – the display can be tilted down by 180°. How cool is that please? And of course, it’s also great for meetings with customers to show you graphics and co. In addition, the notebook has a touch screen and can thus be easily operated.


Acer Swift 5 Pro


The Acer Swift 5 Pro with its lithium-magnesium body weighs just 970 g, making it an easy everyday companion. Because I’m always on the road with a notebook, so that I can illustrate my idea to my customers even during spontaneous meetings. When traveling, I also like to use, for example the time on the train or plane to edit pictures, answer e-mails and create concepts in Word. Flexibility is my favorite keyword. I also really like the flat design and the color – I have already been told that the notebook looks very high quality ^^ The notebook also has a very high quality effect on me and feels just as good in use. Especially when traveling or traveling, not only the low weight, but also the amazing battery life of up to 8 hours is a big plus. As I mentioned earlier, who knows me personally knows that I almost never leave my house without my notebook – constantly and everywhere I am working – my office must be flexible and always ready to use. Whether on the train. in the café, at the university while learning or at the airport.



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