Garnier Ultra Doux solid Shampoo Review

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Do you already know the new solid shampoo from Garnier Ultra Doux? No? Then I would like to introduce it to you today. Before that I had tried hair soaps and Co. from other brands. However, since my fine hair is also super dry, especially in length, it could not convince me so far, because the necessary care was not included.


When I received the solid shampoos from Garnier Ultra Doux, I was initially skeptical. But I was immediately convinced by the great scent of the shampoos and of course the fact that they contain 98% natural ingredients and the recyclable packaging makes it possible to do without plastic. But now to my experience with the solid shampoos from Garnier Ultra Doux.


My hair is not only fine and dry at the tips, it also greases quickly at the roots. So my hair is by no means uncomplicated, and it gets along well with any shampoo. The Garnier Ultra Doux surprised me in a positive way.


For the application it is important that the hair is made well wet. Then the shampoo can be easily applied with the Shampoo Bar. As soon as it comes into contact with wet hair, it can be lathered like a normal shampoo. Then I rinse out the shampoo well and squeeze the remaining water out of my hair. The special thing about it after washing is the hair feeling – the hair feels super clean – it is really not easy to describe. Then the hair can be easily brushed out – without using a conditioner.


The dry hair feeling also convinces me, the hair feels clean and light. The scent of the solid shampoo also ensures wonderfully fragrant hair.



There are the following variants

  • Ultra Doux Coconut & Organic Aloe Vera Solid Shampoo: For normal hair
  • Ultra Doux Honey Honey Secrets Firm Shampoo: For damaged and brittle hair
  • Ultra Doux Gentle Oat Milk Solid Shampoo: For sensitive hair

By the way, my favorite is the Ultra Doux Coconut & Organic Aloe Vera, on the one hand I love the scent and on the other hand it cares for the hair wonderfully.