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The last few weeks I was almost in transit, to survive journeys in a beautyblogger way I have some favorites, which I would like to introduce you today a little bit more in detail. Of course, they all are available in a practical travel size and fit into your hand luggage.



I have recently rediscovered the great care sets by Dr. med. Hauschka. The first of these sets is called “Lieblingsstücke” and it contains the following products:

  • Face wash cream 10 ml
  • Facial Tonic 10 ml
  • Quince day cream 5 ml
  • Lip gold 4.9 g
  • Hand cream 10 ml

This set contains the absolute essentials, which can’t be missing on any trip. Cleanser & care for the face, lips and hands. A great set with the basics of the Skin Care range by Dr. Hauschka. The face wash cream and facial tonic cleanse the skin. The Quince Day Cream is a light day cream that feeds well. The lip balm lipstick is a must-have, especially in dry aircraft air and should not be missing in hand luggage or handbag. Likewise the hand cream.



Set number 2 from the house of Dr. Hauschka has the name “Night & Active” and contains the following products:

  • Cleansing milk 10 ml
  • Face wash cream 10 ml
  • Facial Tonic 10 ml
  • Night Serum 2.5 ml
  • Revitalizing Mask 5 ml

The face wash cream is here again, as well as the tonic, so I have now a back-up for the next trip. In general, I was surprised how productive all products were. The cleansing milk in this set is great for gently cleansing stressed skin. The night-time serum then offers the extra care after a long day of travel. And the revitalizing mask offers a bit of relaxation after stressful days of sightseeing.


Both sets are also great to try Dr. Hauschka products, if the brand should be new to you. It is certified natural cosmetics.


Glamglow Multimasking


The Glamglow masks from the #Multimasking Mask Treatment Set are also perfect for traveling. It contains the following masks: SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment, YOUTHMUD ™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment, GRAVITYMUD ™ Firming Treatment, THIRSTYMUD ™ Hydrating Treatment, FLASHMUD ™ Brightening Treatment, POWERMUD ™ Dualcleanse Treatment. I myself am a confessed fan of the Glamglow mask and use it at home at least once a week. The purpose of multimasking in itself is to apply the masks according to the needs in different regions of the face. For example, in the T-zone the SUPERMUD, on the cheeks the THIRSTYMUD and on the chin the YOUTHMUD. Since the tubes have a great size to take with you, they will certainly not be missing in my beautycase during any trip.


More about the masks themselves can be found in my post about the Glamglow masks.


Elizabeth Arden


Also useful for traveling are serums, which come in hand luggage. On the one hand, I tested Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules. They are easy to carry with you anywhere- even in a handbag, so they can be used quickly and easily. The contained retinol promotes the production of skin-own collagen, whereby wrinkles are visibly reduced. Ceramides 2 & 3 provide the skin with natural ceramides and thus help to maintain the moisture barrier – especially on a long-haul flight. The contained peptides improve complexion and skin elasticity, while avocado oil, sunflower oil and olive oil moisturize and nourish the skin. The capsules are easy to open for single use – simply turn the smaller upper part of the capsule twice and open the capsule. I then apply the serum to the skin directly after cleansing – or, as already mentioned, on the plane during the flight for some moisture.


Dr. Hauschka serum


The night cure of Dr. Hauschka is also practically packed in single doses. The 28-day vial cure must be used continuously for four weeks. The ampoules thus accompany a complete renewal cycle of the skin. The dry skin should again “learn” to preserve fat and moisture. The sensitive skin becomes stronger. The greasy, impure skin reduces the formation of fat and excessive cornification. I am sure that I owe it to this night-time cure that my skin did not deteriorate despite the stress of the journey, the sun, etc. Because when I did not use the cure on my summer trip to Croatia, many blemishes were the result. But my trip to the USA left the skin “cold” despite enormous temperature fluctuations – it even snowed in one day and then we drove into the desert there was 40 ° C – and unhealthy diet. I can really recommend this cure to you. You really have to use them every night, though.



Do you have beauty travelessentials too?





    • Priscilla
      Monday November 5th, 2018 / 06:14 PM

      They are 🙂

  1. Thursday October 25th, 2018 / 04:02 PM

    ich nutze meistens kleine Größen zum Reisen, wenn es nur für ein zwei Nächte ist, da ist es mir auch egal welches Shampoo oder Duschgel, wenn es gut riecht.
    Bei der Gesichtspflege nehme ich jedoch meine normalen Verpackungsgrößen mit, den da gehe ich keine Kompromisse ein.
    Liebste Grüße!

    • Priscilla
      Monday November 5th, 2018 / 06:16 PM

      Naja das mit den Originalgrössen geht im Flugzeug ja leider nicht. Darum alles in Mini ^^

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