London Travelguide – Instagramspots


London is one of those cities that you can always rediscover. There are so many beautiful places, restaurants and of course shopping opportunities. Today I would like to bring you in my travel guide a few of my current favorite places in London closer. These are also absolutely picture perfect for all those who would like to bring home a few snapshots for Instagram and Co.


“Telephone Booth”



No visit to London without a photo in front of probably the world’s most hyped phone booth ever. The red “Telephone Booth” represent London like the Tower Bridge or Big Ben. They also make wonderful Insta-photo spots. Most of the time, you don’t even have to go far to find one, as the phone booths are truly on every corner, so pick one and let the photo fun begin.


The streets of Kensington



Kensington is probably the most photogenic neighborhood in London. With the classic and luxurious building style in white, you have a perfect photo background for your snapshots here.


London Eye



The most famous and with 135 meters also the highest Ferris wheel in Europe must not be missing on my list. The London Eye was opened in 2000 and was originally intended to be operated only for a limited time of about five years, but in view of the great success this was discarded. The best pictures with the London Eye are taken on Westminster Bridge or on the opposite bank. Always make sure that everything is either in the shade or in the sun.


Tower Bridge



During my first visit to London half an eternity ago, I was last at the Tower Bridge, so it was high time to pay a visit to the most photogenic bridge of the city. If you want the bridge to yourself for the shoot, it’s probably best to come very early in the morning. If you prefer to sleep in and have a bit of patience, you can also shoot cool Insta-pictures in the middle of the day.


London Cabs


The typical cabs are also part of London. Sometimes you get lucky and one of the cabs is perfectly ready to take a picture with. Like this white one in Kensington.


Food Spots in London



In London you will also find many cool and stylish cafes and restaurants. First and foremost, Feya Café is one of the Instagram hotspots. However, I have to admit that you pay for the decoration and I can’t really recommend the pancakes. If you’re going there for a cool photo, it’s best to go as soon as it opens and order coffee and cake to avoid waiting. A foodspot I can absolutely recommend is Burger & Lobster, there are several branches of this restaurant in London and at lunchtime you benefit from unbeatable prices.

I hope you got some ideas for your next trip to London and wish you a lot of fun in this great city.