The new Basler Premium hair care line Intense Repair

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Do you already know the new premium hair care line from Basler? No? Then it will be high time for me to introduce you to you today. Because I was allowed to test the Intense Repair line with keratin from Basler Premium.


Basler premium intense repair


The built-up substances with special active complex help to restore the hair structure. The contained fiber protein keratin can attach to the hair and form a natural protective film. An innovative heat protection ingredient shortens the drying time and thus reduces hair damage caused by blow-drying.



I tested the entire hair care range of the Basler Premium Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner were in daily use. By the way, I also like the scent of the products and the textures. The shampoo with keratin cleanses the hair gently. I massage it gently into the damp hair. It does not complain the hair and leaves a great smell. The conditioner contains keratin and heat protection. I let it work for 5 minutes.


Basler premium intense repair


Once a week my hair gets some extra care with the Basler Premium Intense Repair Hair Mask. For my damaged hair the mask is a blessing, afterwards it shines wonderful again. I recommend you to leave the mask work for about 15 minutes. While that I wear a shower cap, so that the mask can perform even better.


Now for the great fragrance mentioned above, this is very high quality: “With real perfume from Grasse in a premium quality. The fine fragrance of jasmine, tangerine, apricot, vanilla and a touch of musk transforms any room into a feel-good Oasis. The high-quality wick made of cotton ensures a perfect use. “ – Basler Beauty

So, if you are looking for a great care line for your hair, then visit



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