London City Guide – My favorite places and the most beautiful Instagram spots

London City Guide Peggy Porschen


A few weeks ago we visited the English capital London. Today I want to show you my personal Must Visits of the city. We stayed for a weekend this time, so we focused on some hotspots. The city is diverse and has a lot to offer for every taste as you know for sure.



Tip # 1 of mine is a culinary one, which is also a wonderful place for a cool Instagramshot. In China Town, of course, you can find all sorts of Asian restaurants, where you can eat more or less expensive. But not only this, especially in the morning, the pretty entrance gate is a popular photo spot. However, we visited  China Town in the afternoon to eat a delicious bubble waffle. I can highly recommend this. In the evening we went to China Town for a delicious Chinese dinner, but I advise you to consult Tripadvisor before you decide on a restaurant.



London from above? No problem at The Shard London. The entrance is basically free, for a table in the restaurant or in the bar directly at the window, you have to book in advance. We just started up the lift and enjoyed the view. But beware, I also saw some people who are not being allowed to go into the shard. This was probably due to the casual clothes they worn, with my boyfriend in a suit and me in a blazer we had no problems to get in. There is also a safety check like the one at the airport before you can go up.



London offers great photo locations on every corner, whether in the middle of the street with the famous double-decker buses or in the classic white residential quarters. For pretty outfit pictures you will definitely find a great location.


Peggy Porschen London


The most instagrammable coffee house in London is probably Peggy Porschen. Admittedly not the cheapest cupcakes and goodies you can find there. The whole coffee is however a single Fotohotspot, therefore it is worthwhile to be there early enough. We were there on Sunday morning, shortly after the opening and could more or less choose our place to seat, take some pictures and enjoy our cupcakes and tea in peace.



You prefer Italian food? No problem, here again I have a great tip that convinces Cicchetti at Piccadilly Circus with an incredibly beautiful interior and delicious food. You can each order small portions of different dishes and then they come in the middle of the table.



Of course the top sights are not missing in my London City Guide, because the Big Ben is currently dressed in a scaffolding, we chose this time the Tower Bridge and the London Eye as photo spots. The shores are particularly suitable for this purpose.


Burger & Hummer London


The last evening we went to the trendy restaurant Burger & Lobster, of which you will find several restaurants in London. We went to that at Piccadilly Circus. The food was delicious and the price was fine. Finally, we went to The Alchemist to have a fancy cocktail.



  1. Friday July 5th, 2019 / 09:40 PM

    London ist schon eine tolle Stadt!
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!

    • Thursday July 18th, 2019 / 05:08 PM

      Ja ich liebe London, meine liebste Grossstadt in Europa

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