A radiant smile at Alpine White Studio – My visit for dental hygiene and bleaching




Dear readers, I am happy to tell you today about my visit to Alpine White Studio in Zurich. I recently had a professional teeth cleaning and bleaching done there. The Alpine White Studio near Zurich Stadelhofen station impresses with state-of-the-art technology, a relaxed atmosphere and an expert team that focuses on the health and radiant appearance of the teeth. In this blog post, I would like to tell you about my experience during the visit and give you some insights.


Dental hygiene for a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth


Alpine White Studio emphasises the importance of regular professional dental cleaning for dental health. As soon as I entered the studio, I was struck by the relaxing atmosphere that had nothing in common with a typical dentist’s office. The professional staff thoroughly assessed my oral health and then created a personalised oral hygiene programme for me.


The treatment process



During the dental hygiene treatment, I was guided through the entire process and always felt comfortable and well informed. Alpine White Studio uses state-of-the-art technologies such as gentle AIRFLOW technology and the ultrasonic piezon-no-pain method to effectively remove microbial plaque, tartar and stubborn stains. At the end of the treatment, my teeth were polished.


The Alpine White Studio – A place to relax and feel good


The design of the studio is modern and minimalist, so that you immediately feel at ease. The Alpine White Studio attaches great importance to safety and comfort. Innovative and gentle technologies are used to avoid invasive methods. The aim is to maintain and improve the health and radiant appearance of the teeth in the long term.


The whitening experience at Alpine White Studio



After my professional teeth cleaning, I decided to have my teeth whitened at the Alpine White Studio as a complementary treatment. The in-office bleaching was painless and gentle. The treatment was carried out professionally and without the use of light or aggressive hydrogen peroxide. Alpine White’s innovative bleaching gel was used to gently whiten my teeth in four 15-minute sessions. Afterwards, I received the whitening strips from Alpine White for 7 days at home, because the bleaching is not yet finished in the studio. I used the Whitening Strips for 1 hour each time during the following week and this is how my smile looks now.


Conclusion of my visit to the Alpine White Studio



My visit to the Alpine White Studio was an all-round positive experience. The professional teeth cleaning and whitening were done with the latest technology while I was in a relaxed environment. The staff were all super nice and knowledgeable, this ensured that I always felt comfortable and well looked after. I am more than happy with the results and can recommend Alpine White Studio to anyone who is striving for a bright smile.

I hope my blog post has given you an insight into my visit to Alpine White Studio. If you are looking for quality dental hygiene and gentle whitening, I highly recommend the studio. You will certainly feel comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere and with your new bright smile. By the way, the Alpine White Studio will open in Lucerne on 1 September 2023.



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