Olaplex N°4 shampoo and Olaplex N°5 conditioner Review

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Olaplex N°4 shampoo Olaplex N°5 conditioner


I have been using Olaplex for years. Both when dyeing at the hairdresser with Olaplex N ° 1 and N ° 2 and at home Olaplex N ° 3 is always in use. In cooperation with basler-beauty.ch I was allowed to test the new Olaplex N ° 4 shampoo and Olaplex N ° 5 conditioner.


For those of you who hear Olaplex for the first time, here’s a little text about it: “Olaplex – changes everything! The secret weapon of American top artists for stronger, healthier and shinier hair than ever before, for long-lasting color results and a starched Protects the hair against damage from bleaching and colorations and multiplies and strengthens the structure of the hair Can be combined with bleaching and coloring agents from all manufacturers Olaplex is free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and gluten and never became Tested animals.

Olaplex works in three easy steps.

  • Bond Multiplier No. 1 is added directly to the bleaching or color mass.
  • After washing out the paint, OLAPLEX Bond No. 2 applied as a post-treatment such as a hair treatment. Apply to hair and leave for at least five minutes.
  • OLAPLEX Hair Perfector no. 3 is an intensive hair therapy for the home and between the hairdresser visits. Applied once a week, it repairs and prepares hair optimally for the next chemical treatment. ” – Source: baslerbeauty.ch

Today my report is not about Olaplex N ° 1-3, but about the new Olaplex hair care products to use at home. Because last year I did a total of three Balayage dyeings and unfortunately my hair suffered a lot. This can be seen very well in pictures 1 year ago, when my hair was still darker, longer and denser.


Olaplex N°4 shampoo Olaplex N°5 conditioner


It was time to regenerate the hair again. I will also not making new highlights until my hair structure has improved. This has already been done with Olaplex. Olaplex’s first shampoo and conditioner are containing the original and patented active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. With every hair wash, the broken hair is getting  repaired.


Olaplex N°4 shampoo


The Olaplex N ° 4 Shampoo visibly improves the hair structure and gives the hair shine, this promise I can only confirm. The shampoo is very economical, you only need a small amount that needs to be foamed well with water. I then leave the shampoo shortly before I rinse it. It is also 100% vegan, free from sulfates and parabens, as well as gluten-free and color safe. The hair also smells very pleasant but discreet.


Olaplex N°5 conditioner


The Olaplex N ° 5 Conditioner repairs and hydrates the hair without weighing it down, improves structural damage and reduces split ends. The consistency of the conditioner is creamy but firmer than I know it from other conditioners. I apply the conditioner after the shampoo and let it work for three minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. After shampooing, the hair feels super neat and soft.


I have tested the nursing duo a good 6 weeks now and it has repaired my hair significantly. Previously, I had some very strawy hair, they were visibly dried out so that even styling products could not do much. Since I do sports every day, I always have to wash my hair daily too. Nevertheless, Olaplex was able to visibly improve my hair structure within a few weeks. I will continue to use the combo anyway.


Especially noteworthy is the particular effect, if you previously applied Olaplex N ° 3, then the shine of the hair is especially beautiful and it feels extra neat. I use the whole combination of 3 – 4 – 5 once a week, leaving Olaplex N ° 3 to work for about 1 hour – the perfect way to make face masks and Co. at the same time. Incidentally, at basler-beauty.ch you get the three products currently super discounted in the set. I think it pays to spend a little more money, especially if your hair is also weakened by bleaching and dyeing like mine. In addition, I have so far just needed a little more than half the bottle, the products are very economical. I will certainly get a back-up.



  1. Thursday February 21st, 2019 / 12:53 PM

    Danke für die Vorstellung.
    Ich bin jetzt etwas unsicher… glutenfrei kenne ich nur in Bezug auf Nahrung, aber was genau bewirkt Gluten denn wohl in den Haaren? Geht es hier um die Unverträglichkeit oder schädigt Gluten die Haare im Allgemeinen.
    Silikon und Sulfate ist mir klar :).
    Ich google aber gleichzeitig auch mal um mir die Frage zu beantworten :).
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 12:59 AM

      Das war einfach eine Info, die ich so weitergeben wollte. Es geht mir eher um meine Erfahrung mit dem Produkt..

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 12:58 AM

      It’s the best combination I’ve ever tried

  2. Friday February 22nd, 2019 / 08:38 AM

    Ich durfte den Conditioner auch testen und bin damit wirklich sehr glücklich! Je nach Haartyp finde ich, dass auch einmal alle zwei Shampoos genügt. Ich habe eher trockenes Haar, trotzdem ist ein einmaliges Auftragen pro Woche für mich am besten. Danke für die ausgiebige Review, ich werde auch das Shampoo kaufen! 🙂

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 12:58 AM

      Ich hatte halt wirklich sehr kaputte Haare und sie haben sich schon super erholt. 🙂 Unbedingt, ich bin mehr als happy damit.

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