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I recently received two packages by Smashbox with the new products. On the one hand new are the Gloss Angeles Lip Glosses and the L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette by Smashbox. On the other hand, matching to the Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless Foundation, the new Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer comes in 16 different nuances. I tested and swatched the products for you.


Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


I’m in love with the Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss from Smashbox. Why? The lips simply feeling great with this gloss on it. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which moisturizes the lips and gives the lips more volume. Vitamin E nourishes the delicate lip skin in addition. Even when applying you can feel the care. The Gloss Angeles gloss does not stick on the lips. The gloss is available in 14 colors, with and without glitter. The Gloss Angeles lip gloss can be applied alone or as a topper on the lipstick for a glossy look.


Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


With the precision tip, the lip gloss can be applied easily and precisely. It can also be applied several layers of paint. Personally, I’m a huge fan of nude and glitter colors. But also a fresh tender pink fits wonderfully for the upcoming spring season.


Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


Those who prefer a colorless or extra glossy look should not miss the Smashbox Gloss Angeles Extra Shine Gloss. You can use this colorless Gloss Angel and apply it overneath the other Gloss Angeles glosses to get a super glossy look or of course just bare on the lips. It is also practical as a topper overneath your favorite lipstick. The Extra Shine Gloss also feels fabulous and nourishes the lips with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


That you can see the color intensity of Smashbox’s Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss, I swatched it on my arm. As you can see, the colors are very intense. Above you see the following colors:

  • Surf Bunny (Coral Pink)
  • Hustle & Glow (Rose Gold Schimmer)
  • Celeb Sighting (Mid Tone Berry Crème)
  • Actors Gild (Amber Shimmer)
  • 72& Honey (Warm Nude Crème)
  • Traffic Jam (Deep Rose with Gold Shimmer)
  • Sorbet Watch (Neutral Pink Crème)
  • Beachy Keen (Deep Nude Crème)


L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette


Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette


Are you ready for bright colors? The Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette contains 16 shades ranging from gaudy to subtle neutrals or shimmering nuances. The colors are arranged in groups of four, with these can create great looks that are perfectly matched. Of course, the colors can also be wild mixed for your look. All colors are highly pigmented and remind me of the facets of L.A .. The palette contains nine matte and seven shimmering colors as well as a full-size Always On Gel Liner. The palette is perfect for summer and beach looks.


Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette


And not only thanks to the bright colors, the packaging is also awesome. The hologram surface transforms the L.A. beach into a day or night scene.


Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette Swatches


The colors are really simply awesome, the pigmentation is incredibly good. Thanks to the creamy-powdery consistency, the eye shadow can be super-well applied and blended. It leaves a silky finish. The following colors are included:

Upper Row:

  • Venice Peach (Pink/Peach Duo Chrome Shimmer)
  • Best Coast (Saturated Purple Matte)
  • Vanilla (Warm Ivory Matte)
  • Drop Top (Warm Gold Shimmer)
  • Nectar (Soft Peach Matte)
  • Canyon Copper (Red Bronze Shimmer)
  • Deco (Pink Gold Shimmer)
  • Platinum (Taupe Sheen)

Bottom Row:

  • Westsider (Saturated Teal Matte)
  • #Sunset (Burnt Peach Matte)
  • There’s Valet (Deep Oxblood Matte)
  • Almond (Warm Brown Matte)
  • Rose Bowler (Rose Gold Shimmer)
  • Java (Warm Dark Brown Matte)
  • Hang (Light Gray Taupe Matte)
  • Eastsider (Deep Plum Shimmer)


Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eye Palette


As you already noticed, I love black liner and this one is my new darling. The Smashbox Always on Gel Liner is incredibly easy to apply. It glides over the skin and leaves a defined and intense black look. I love it!


Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer


Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer


Now to the last highlight of today – the Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealers. The concealer is oil-free and covers dark shadows, pigmentation and redness with color pigments and a soft focus effect. You can use the concealer on the one hand to cover and correct as well as for contouring and highlighting. Thanks to the creamy forms, the concealer can be easily and precisely applied with the applicator and blended with the Blurring Concealer Brush.


Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer Smashbox


Cover & Fix:

  • Dark circles: Choose a color with a peach undertone and apply a few spots along the edge of the eye, then blend down and out with the brush.
  • Dark spots: cover with a golden undertone the appropriate area and lightly dab with fingertip or sponge.
  • Redness and impurities: Choose a color that matches the natural undertone of your skin and apply accordingly. Then veneer with fingertip or sponge.


Contouring and Correcting:

  • Contouring: Choose a color that is one or two tones darker than your skin tone. Apply these under the cheekbones and along the hairline and veneer.
  • Highlights: Choose a color that is one or two tones lighter than your skin tone and some speckles on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead and the protruding areas of the face. For a lightening, rejuvenating effect apply triangular under the eyes and veneer slightly dabbing.


Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer Smashbox


The Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealers are available in 16 shades. What I particularly appreciate about the concealers is the long durability, even in the evening dark shadows and Co. are still invisible and this also with my rather oily skin. Thanks to the good pigmentation dark shadows & Co. are reliably covered without the finish having a mask-like effect. Clearly my new favorite concealer.


Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer Smashbox Swatches


Here are the Smashbox Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer swatches in the following shades:

  • Light warm
  • Fair light warm
  • Light Neutral
  • Fair light neutral
  • light warm golden
  • Light Neutral Olive


Incidentally, you will find the Smashbox novelties exclusively at Marionnaud Switzerland in the perfumeries and online.



How do you like the news from Smashbox?



  1. candice
    Tuesday February 19th, 2019 / 10:02 AM

    These are all some great products

    Candice |

    • Wednesday February 20th, 2019 / 09:30 AM

      This palette is amazing.

  2. Tuesday February 19th, 2019 / 03:29 PM

    Da sind mal wieder sehr schöne Farben dabei!
    Liebe Grüße an dich!

    • Wednesday February 20th, 2019 / 09:29 AM

      Ja mega und die Pigmentierung ist ein Traum.

  3. Wednesday February 20th, 2019 / 10:07 PM

    Vielen Dank für diesen ausführlichen Bericht! Die Lipglosse gefallen mir sehr, vor allem die Nude-Töne!

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 01:00 AM

      Ja die finde ich auch toll. Die Konsistenz ist aber einfach der Hammer bei allen.

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