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The past month I tested some new products from different brands. Collistar figure care products, Garnier sunscreen products and a Yon-ka dry oil .




The Yon-Ka Huile Silhouette is a dry oil. It contains essential oils of cedar, cypress and rosemary, which are known for their slimming properties. The lipolytic oil of pink pepper should also help against cellulite. The oil can be simply sprayed on and showered in after showering. It smells pleasantly of essential oils. Since it is a dry oil, it does not leave excessive oil film. The skin feels soft after application.


UV Water Garnier


In recent weeks, the weather shows his sunny side. Of course, it is also important to have the right sunprotect product. I’m super happy with the new UV Water from Garnier. Often, sun creams are very greasy or oily, which does not bother me during a day at the beach. But in everyday life, I do not like that at all. The UV Water by Garnier, on the other hand, is easy to spray on and absorbs quickly without making the clothes sticking to the skin.


I also tested body care products from Collistar. One is the Pure Actives Anti-Stretching Concentrate Elastin + Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen from Collistar. Stretch marks once there, can not be magic away. It is therefore important to prevent it, especially during pregnancy. Once they are there, it is possible to improve and smooth the appearance of the skin. Massage the concentrate in the morning and evening on affected areas to care for the skin. The combined action with elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen not only protects the physiological state of the precious proteins but also stimulates the production of new elastic fibers and supports the repair of the fiber n of the damaged connective tissue. A big plus with this product are the natural ingredients. The stretch strip concentrate contains natural ingredients and is without paraffins, mineral oils, PEG, silicones, dyes, alcohol and known allergens. I also tested the remodeling patches from Collistar. The patches are stuck on the clean skin and then remain on the skin for a maximum of 8 hours. At first you did not notice anything about the patches, then they become “warm”. Partly they burn on the skin, this is probably because the active ingredients start to work. After the application, at least I have the feeling that they are working.

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