Blogger Themen

You are a blogger yourself? Then you will definitely be interested in my blogging posts. Are there any topics that make me a blogger I share my tips and experiences with you.

Christmassy vibes at Caseapp & Giveaway

To protect my mobile phone and customize my laptop, I use Caseapp’s cases and laptop skins. Today I show you not only my new entries, you can also win a voucher for designing your own case. Also at Caseapp is just Christmas and it has many great Christmas designs on offer now.    


Why you need a media kit and some other thoughts

A mediakit has been demanded more and more frequently, but also there are shadows on the other side. Since apparently many bloggers gladly correct the statistics upward, some companies and PR agencies don’t look at these stats in media kit. Really sad for all those who feel committed to the truth and do not want to commit fraud (in a…


Fashionhotel 8.- 10. april 2016

Fashion Hotel ? Yes, I was allowed to enjoy the Fashionhotel in zurich last weekend . But what is that? The Fashion Hotel offers a mix of shopping, event and party. It takes place in Zurich twice a year. Three hotels are being the Fashion Mecca for three days. This time there were 50 pop-up stores housed in different hotel rooms, there was fashion…