Review: RITUALS – The Ritual of Cleopatra Make-up Collection

Rituals has launched a new make-up collection with pure, powdered gemstones called “The Ritual of Cleopatra”, I have tested some of the new products.

The Ritual of Cleopatra Rituals

Rituals presents a glamorous collection of face, lip and eye make-up. A tribute to the beauty rituals of the most powerful beauty icon of antiquity: Cleopatra. Amethyst, ruby ​​and sapphire enriched.

The Ritual of Cleopatra- MAGIC POWDER BLUSH in SOFT PINK


The Ritual of Cleopatra Rituals MAGIC POWDER BLUSH - SOFT PINK

Powder blush enriched with amethyst, for peace and creativity, while the skin is relaxed and smooth and supple. This naturally looking blush gives the cheeks a healthy glow.
Gentle formula: natural gemstones – no parabene – no perfum
Dermatologically tested
Available in four beautiful colors CHF 26.00
A beautiful blush also the pretty flower embossing. The blush is well pigmented and can be easily applied with a suitable brush. A small brush to use on the go is inside.

The Ritual of Cleopatra – LIPSTICK


The Ritual of Cleopatra Rituals lipstick



  1. Blue pink
  2. Naked pink

As a matter of fact -. This lipstick has a full cream texture and leaves soft lips. Holds up to 8 hours. A hydrating and soothing lipstick with a subtle luster that enhances the lips.


Gentle formula: natural gemstones – no parabene – no perfume


Dermatologically tested.

Available in 10 beautiful colors for CHF 25.00


I am delighted that gemstone components are included in those products. The colors are super well pigmented. You can see this also by the Swatches, the pink is super intensive. The thinner tip of the lipstick is great for applying it to the lip contours. The durability of the lipstick is good, but not it doesn’t hold on after eating and drinking. The color intensity is most convincing to me.


The Ritual of Cleopatra – Lipgloss


The Ritual of Cleopatra Rituals lipgloss



  1. Hazel Sheer (the back)
  2. Rasperry Sunrise (the Front)

A lip gloss with ground gemstones. Gives the lips a nice long lasting shine and color that will not fade.

Gentle formula: natural gemstones – no parabene – no perfume


Dermatologically tested

Available in 6 beautiful colors for CHF 20.00


I am a lipgloss fan, I wear it everyday right now, in the colder season, the lips will be nicely maintained. This lip gloss feels very rich on the lips. He does not stick either.




Let’s come to the Swatches of the products. And my new favorite lipstick for spring / summer calls “Blue Pink”.


The Ritual of Cleopatra Rituals swatches


  1. Lipgloss in der Farbe Raspberry Sunrise
  2. Lipgloss in der Farbe Hazel Sheer
  3. Lippenstift in der Farbe Blue Pink
  4. Lippenstift in der Farbe Nude Pink
  5. Blush


How do you like the new decorative products by Rituals? Do you already have Rituals make-up?





  1. Saturday February 18th, 2017 / 05:56 PM

    Die Farben gefallen mir sehr gut!
    Liebe Wochenendgrüße!

    • Sunday February 19th, 2017 / 01:18 PM

      🙂 Danke dir auch.

  2. Julezz
    Sunday February 19th, 2017 / 04:10 PM

    Bisher habe ich noch keine Produkte von dieser Marke. Werde aber auf jeden Fall mal welche ausprobieren. Besonders gefällt mir der Lipstick Nude Pink, absolut meine Farbe ?.

    Liebste Grüße


    • Sunday February 19th, 2017 / 04:23 PM

      Ja der ist echt hübsch, mir gefällt aber auch das Pink super gut, selten ist die Farbe so intensiv.

  3. Monday February 20th, 2017 / 03:45 PM

    Wow die Kollektion schaut superschön aus – vor allem die Lippenstifte und Lipglosse sind genau meins 🙂


    • Monday February 20th, 2017 / 09:56 PM

      Ja die Lippenstifte sind auch so toll pigmentiert.

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