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64   579
43   714
80   573
55   639
58   530
65   657
56   613
60   531
50   542
73   530
69   637
73   593
60   472
65   534
74   557
307   671
56   609
64   639
57   621
60   583
59   685
59   617
71   593
68   549
83   581
73   561
59   541
69   559
60   513
71   553
42   517
71   528
58   548
80   589
93   709
47   625

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Sisley Herbst Winter 2019


Sisley is one of my absolute favorite brands as you know. Today I would like to introduce you some great news of Sisley. Of course there are again some wonderful new product innovations.


Sisley Radiance Foaming Cream



One of my new must-have products is clearly the Radiance Foaming Cream by Sisley. It combines intensive cleansing with gentle care power and removes make-up residues, impurities, dirt particles, sebum and dead cells in one application. To care for the skin contains the peony extract. Grapefruit extract smoothes the complexion. Overall, the appearance of the skin is clearer. When applied, the foam is beautifully creamy and can be distributed so wonderful. The best thing about Sisley’s Radiance Foaming Cream, however, is that the skin does not feel dry and tense after cleaning, but wonderful.


Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask


Sisley Overnight Safran Maske


I travel a lot and do usually not have much time for beauty stuff, so I love the Velvet Sleeping Mask by Sisley, because it provides intensive care overnight. Instead of my night cream, I simply wear the Velvet Sleeping Mask. With its soothing and regenerating effect, it helps dry skin to fill the energy stores during the night. With the help of the Velvet Sleeping Mask, the skin can devote itself wonderfully to its regeneration. In the morning, the skin is recovered, vitalized and thus strengthened and resistant. The skin is getting supplied with moisture and nutrients overnight. The extract of saffron flowers soothes dry skin and makes it appear supple in the morning. If your skin is irritated, the mask also provides the first aid: Within only 10 minutes, the skin feels repaired.


Sisley Restorative Hand Creme


Sisley Restorativ Hand Creme


Important in winter is to choose the right hand cream, because the cold winter days are making the skin dry. The Sisley Restorative Hand Cream offers a combination of intense moisture as well as nutrient-rich cream and care for beautiful and resistant nails. A hydrating active ingredient duo, composed of a biosaccharide solution and a sugar molecule derived from plants, permanently binds and stores water – this ensures the storage of moisture in the skin. The contained horse chestnut extract supports the barrier function of the skin so that the water supplies in the epidermis maintain their required level. An anti-freeze / active ingredient developed on the basis of scientific research in the Antarctic perfectly rounds off the skin’s moisture supply in sub-zero temperatures. I particularly like the feeling when applying and the powdery finish, which feels neither sticky nor oily.


Hair rituel by Sisley Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask


Sisley Hairrituel


Not only am I blessed with oily skin, but also with oily hair – so proper care products are super important to me. My latest discovery is the Hair ritual by Sisley Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask. Because the Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask ensures a veritable hair “reset” by the scalp and hair lengths of dirt particles and impurities are freed. The mask soothes the scalp and relieves irritation. A fresh scent based on natural active ingredients support the effect. The mask acts as blotting paper and binds so impurities and deposits. I love the light and well-groomed feeling after the application.

I hope I could give you an insight into the great new products from Sisley 🙂


Sisley Beauty



Skin Apart Luzern Hydrafacial

I already heard a lot about the Hydrafacial treatment last year, especially by my blogger colleagues. But I had not tried it yet, however, so I was even happier to try this new and gentle treatment at Skin Apart Lucerne with the lovely Katja Block.

The Treatment


Skin Apart Luzern Hydrafacial


As I tend to have oily skin, I regularly struggle with blemishes and enlarged pores. Accordingly, I have already tried some other treatments such as microdermabrasion. However, this method was then too much and quite painful for my skin, because in microdermabrasion, the dead skin cells are getting abraded. The Hydrafacial treatment, on the other hand, removes the dead skin cells and impurities much more gently with a water jet and a pad.


Before the hydrafacial treatment started, the skin will be cleaned to getting prepared for the treatment. Then the skin got treated with a special device. In doing so, the dead skin cells and the dirt are removed with a water jet and a pad and the water is getting sucked off immediately. Subsequently, an intense serum is applied, which can inject its active ingredients directly into the skin after treatment.


Skin Apart Luzern Hydrafacial


The removed cell material and the dirt then remain in the residual water. That’s how it looked to me after my hydrafacial. During the treatment and also right after the treatment, I felt that my skin was working. My skin tolerated the treatment very well, the few small redness disappeared within 1 – 2 hours. Basically, the Hydrafacial is of course more a treatment for improving the skin, but not for Katja. For every treatment gives her the feeling of a wellness treatment, through her own style and a relaxing facial massage.


Who needs a Hydrafacial?


Skin Apart Luzern Hydrafacial


Basically, a Hydrafacial is suitable for every skin type and not only contributes to the improvement of skin health, but also helps with various skin problems such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation / sun damage
  • Oily skin / clogged pores / acne
  • Extended pores
  • Advanced signs of aging of the skin

Katja Block will advise you, if a Hydrafacial treatment can help to improve your skin or not.


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Halloween is coming soon, so it’s time to scare. That’s why I’ve tested some spooky Halloween products by Lush for you.


Lush Ghost in the Dark Soap


Lush Soap


Love at first sight was with this little fellow. The Lush Ghost in the Dark Soap does more than just clean your hands. The Ghost glows even in the dark, if that is not spooky enough, I do not know. The scent of lemongrass and bergamot oil drives out all the dark forces for you.


P.S. also a great gift idea.


Lush Monster’s Ball


Lush Bathbomb Halloween Duft von Zitronengras und Bergamotteöl vertreibt für dich alle dunklen Mächte


Almost a classic for me is the Monster’s Ball by Lush. Just throw in the bathtub and let the monster romp, the bath water turns into a pink-blue bathing pleasure. Himalayan salt, Olibanum oil care for the skin and thanks to energizing lime oil you are then fit again like a monster hand. I’m really a big fan of the bath bomb, not only because it looks so cool, the scent is just awesome.


Lush Glow Worm Fun


Lush Glow Worm


You like to play in the dark? Then the glowing Lush Glow Worm is right for you. Because that’s what gives creativity free rein, as with play dough, not only worms can be formed. A lemony kneading fun is guaranteed. The coolest thing about it is that you can use the Glow Worm as a 4 in 1 soap, shampoo, bubble bath and kneading fun. For use as a soap or shampoo, just froth in the hands and lather. As a bubble bath, pluck a piece and rub under the incoming water.


P.S. He gives the kids special joy.


Lush Mercury Retrograde


Lush Bathbomb Halloween


Galactic bathing fun is guaranteed with the Mercury Retrograde, the bath bomb enchants the water in orange, purple and green. Why the bath bomb is so called, of course, has a deeper meaning: Because if Halloween on 31.10. is celebrated, the Mercury is retrograde, in English “Mercury Retrograde”. It is a unique fragrance and active ingredient combination. Sicilian lemon oil and ginger help to release tension and provide energy. While sodium alginate covers a cozy cocoon and coarse sea salt cares for the skin. Fruity Buchu and spicy cinnamon provide the unique fragrance. This bath bomb is perfect to regain your strength after a hard day’s work.


Contains PR samples


The Body Shop Tea Trea Oil Serum


Some time ago I received a package with the great products of the Tea Tree line of The Body Shop. Finally, I came to test the products and show you today my three favorites and must-haves of the line to get purer skin.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


The Body Shop Tea Trea Oil


I can not tell you how many times I have read in a magazine about tea tree oil. However, it did not end up in my beauty cabinet for long time, at least until I got one bottle from The Body Shop. From time to time we have them all: small or larger pimples. To make them disappear very quickly, you can apply the tea tree oil locally with your fingertips or a cotton swab to treat the problem area. Also very effective is the application for a facial steam bath, simply put three to four drops in a bowl of hot water, lean over the bowl, cover the head with a towel and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Incidentally, a few drops of tea tree oil in the bath water help to minimize foot odor. Try it, you will be amazed.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution Serum


The Body Shop Tea Trea Oil Serum


Now to my personal favorite, The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily Solution. When I started using the line, I really had problems with my skin. The Tea Tree Daily Solution is a serum for impurities and to improve skin texture. It is not aggressive at all. The serum feels very pleasant on the skin after application. The skin is also matted immediately. The Tea Tree Oil Daily Solution is a pre-serum concentrate for the prevention and help with impurities, or for oily skin types it can be used as a “normal” serum. It has helped me a lot with my oily skin so far.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Night Lotion


The Body Shop Tea Trea Oil Nighi


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Night Lotion provides cleaner skin overnight. With its antibacterial ingredients, the Night Lotion quickly treats the skin. In the morning, the complexion looks much more balanced and clearer, and it also helps to mattify. The effect of the Night Lotion you really see at the first application and after a week, my skin had already improved significantly.



A great care line, if you also want to start trying, I can highly recommend these three super effective products.



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Fructis Garnier Hair Care


Especially with my strained hair, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative hair care products that bring my hair back to shine. Over the past few weeks I have tested the novelties of Garnier Fructis and L’Oréal Elseve.


Garnier Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food


Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food


As you know, I’m a big fan of the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Haar-Masken. Recently, there is also a moisturizing hair mask with aloe vera. Of course I had to test the new Garnier Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food Mask. So much in advance: I’m excited again!


The Fructis Aloe Vera Hair Food 3in1 mask can be applied as a rinse or as a mask on wet hair, making it a true all-rounder. The mask smells wonderful and can be easily massaged into the hair. Used as a rinse, the hair is immediately untangled and intensively moisturized. With a contact time of 3 minutes, the hair is intensively moisturized and smells wonderful even after rinsing. The hair mask can also be used as a leave-on on damp or dry hair. An absolute must-have, which I can highly recommend. It also convinces me with a top price-performance ratio.


L’Oréal Elseve Rapid Reviver Haarspülung


Elseve Loreal Conditioner


Honestly, I did not think my hair could be sufficiently cared for in such a short time, but the Elseve Rapid Reviver irrigation has proven to me the opposite. The Elseve Rapid Reviver rinses offer 2x more care than a classic rinse. They care for the hair like a cure and that without acting time. I’m really excited. After the hair wash, put one of the Rapid Reviver rinses in your hair and rinse immediately, then you can easily untangle my strained hair. The hair smells wonderful and will not be complained. My personal hair care innovation. Especially if you have fine hair, I can recommend it to you.

Do you already know the new hair care must-haves?


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You know how much I love the face masks of Glamglow, but not only these are awesome. I was allowed to test the new Glamglow Supercleanse, Supertoner and Superserum. With in the test package was also a small Supermud – my absolute favorite mask – the review of all Glamglow masks can be found here. This line is suitable for blemishes and greasy skin, so it is the right one for me, as I tend  to oily skin.

Glamlow – Supercleanse


Glamglow - Supercleaner


My first Glamglow Cleanser tested is called Supercleanse and it is a Cream to Foam Cleanser. The rich Cleanser turns into a cleansing foam on contact with water, which reliably removes make-up, dirt, impurities and excess oil and refines the pores – ideal for oily and impure skin. Glamglow’s famous TEAOXI technology with eucalyptus leaf oil combines the Supercleanse Cream to Foam Cleanser with Linola oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and two types of clay that intensively clarify and matt the skin; A mix of bamboo, Ubame wood and coconut charcoal is also wonderfully refreshing. The Supercleanse by Glamglow is gentle on the skin, my skin is not dried out by the application and then feels cleansed without tension.

Glamglow – Supertoner


Glamglow - Supertoner


The Glamglow Supertoner is a highly concentrated, exfoliating tonic with the Super Six acid mix and activated carbon for instantly refreshed and refined skin. The toner clears the skin with the mixture of six different acids by removing dead skin cells that can cause skin problems. The pores are immediately refined and clarified for an improved skin appearance. Shake the toner slightly before use and place on a cotton pad to cleanse the skin. Apply the Glamglow Supercleanser first. Also on the supertoner my skin responded positively.

Glamglow – Superserum


Glamglow - Superserum


The secret weapon is coming, the super serum of Glamglow. The Superserum is a skin-cushioned and gently peeling serum that removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is enriched with the Super Six acid mix, a highly effective complex of exfoliating AHA, BHA and PHA acids, which acts on the various layers of the skin to dissolve dead skin cells. In addition, the Glamglow Superserum promotes cell renewal and improves both the appearance of the skin and the skin tone. Added activated carbon clears the pores, while hyaluronic acid immediately moisturizes the skin. Use the serum after cleansing and before the moisturizer. You already feel when applying that this serum has a strong effect, so it is rather not suitable for sensitive skin. Anyway, I could see an improvement of the skin. When using beauty products with fruit acids and Co. you should, however, always pay attention to sunprotection

Glamlow – Supermud



My personal all-time favorite face mask for impure skin is still the Glamglow Supermud, a very effective mask that will fight the polluted pores. I still use it at least 1-2 times a month to clean the skin pore-deep.

Do you know the Glamglow products?


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Sommerbeauty 2019


For summer lover like me, these products are just perfect and give a summery care feeling. The summer 2019 presents itself with summery scents and colorful colors. I would like to introduce you to my personal 9 favorite and must-have products for this summer.


The Body Shop – Cactus Blossom



Cactus Blossom is the name of the summery, fresh, fruity limited edition of The Body Shop. I was able to test both the body scrub, the shower gel, the body butter and the body yogurt of The Body Shop and I’m thrilled. The fragrance is unique and simply makes you feel good within a few minutes. The scrub is gentle on the skin and perfect in preparation for sunbathing. The Showergel offers a refreshing, fruity shower experience every day. In the summer, too, the skin needs care, especially sunbathing and so on. So do not forget the Body Butter and the Body Yogurt. Depending on which I use both alternately for the light and intensive skin care.


Collistar Beauty


Collistar Beauty


The beauty brand par excellence from Bella Italia, offers body care products as well as shower gel, body lotion and Co. in fruity fragrances. My summer favorites are the products from the di Energia Limited Edition with fruity-fresh fragrance. On the one hand the shower gel and the body lotion for the subsequent care.


Collistar Beauty


On the other hand, the Profumo di Energia of Collistar. A body spray that just always works – whether in the evening after a tiring day for refreshment or just after the shower for a scent experience or in the morning to awaken the minds. The Profumo the Energia is a sparkling, radiant and lively fragrance. With a fresh bouquet with the sparkling notes of bergamot from Calabria, orange and tangerine, enriched with invigorating and revitalizing extracts.


Collistar two phase concentrat


Summertime is, of course, one thing in particular – bikini and bath suits. But not only in the summer you should take care of the figure, because the next summer is coming anyway as you know . Collistar’s Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate combines marine algae and peptides for an intensive treatment. The oily fraction with four highly effective dehydrating and lipolytic algae species promotes the discharge of stored fluids. The aqueous fraction, on the other hand, contains selected peptides that reduce the accumulation of lipids in the fat cells and thus help to refine the silhouette. It helps to smooth and firm the skin and define the silhoutte. The concentrate absorbs super fast and can be pleasantly applied even on hot days.


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Sisley Sonnenschutz


The summer is still in full swing – even in spite of cooling down in between – for many, the big summer vacation is just as important for me as it is for me. You can not do without good sunscreen products like Sisley’s. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sisley’s new skin and hair sunscreen products.


Sisley Sonnenschutz


Who relies on high-quality cosmetics, can not ignore Sisley. With effective ingredients, Sisley manages to surprises me again and again. So also with the new sunscreen products. I tested the Sunleÿa G.E. Soin Solaire Global Anti-Age SPF 50+, the Super Stick Solaire Teinté SPF 50+ and the le Fluide Protecteur Cheveux by hair rituel by Sisley.


Sisley Sunleÿa G.E. Soin Solaire Global Anti-Âge SPF 50+


The Sisley Sunleÿa G.E. Soin Solaire Global anti-age SPF 50+ sunscreen protects against the negative effects of solar radiation. It protects the skin against signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation, lack of moisture and decreasing firmness. In addition, the care gives a glowing, long-lasting tan. The anti-aging effect is achieved thanks to the following ingredients: active ingredient for the inhibition of glycation, active against sun-induced elastosis, combination of antioxidants and protection of cell DNA. The protection against UVA and UVB rays has been optimized by a combination of high-tech sun filters of the latest generation. The texture is very delicate and can be applied wonderfully, without white finish and gluing. It is not comedogenic and water resistant. But it is important to renew the protection while sunbathing every 2 hours.


Sisley Super Stick Solaire Teinté SPF 50+ mit Pro-Youthing-Wirkung


My personal highlight is the Sisley Super Stick Solaire Teinté SPF 50+ with pro-youthing effect. It is so easy and reliable to use. A complex of powerful, state-of-the-art mineral filters ensures that even the sensitive areas of the face (nose, lips, cheeks, ears, eye contours) are perfectly protected. The stick is the perfect replacement for foundation and Co., especially on hot summer days. Because the universal beige nuance of the stick adapts perfectly to the skin color. During the day, the stick can also be reapplied at any time. The texture blends wonderfully with the skin and feels very pleasant on the skin. The contained white lupine oil and the concentrated wheat germ oil protect the skin from free radicals and help maintain the integrity of the cell’s DNA. Camellia oil has restructuring, supple nourishing and hydrating properties, providing the skin with nutrients. The skin then takes care of vitamin E acetate, shea butter and mango butter. The stick is then water and transpiration resistant.


le fluid soleil hair rituel sisley paris


Le Fluide Protecteur Cheveux by Hair rituel by Sisley forms a protective film that shields the hair from exposure to sun, sea and chlorinated water. Especially since I wear my hair brighter again, the right care is essential for whether my hair looks well-groomed and shiny or dull, dull and straw. Especially in the sunny months and on vacation, the environmental influences put the hair especially to. It is important to think about sun protection for your hair as well. The formula also contains two sunscreens, which optimally protect against UVA and UVB rays. So the natural hair color is preserved, as well as the dyed, discolored and streaked hair – my Balayage is safe. For application, it is simply sprayed on dry or wet hair. A light, silky spray perfumes hair discreetly with hesperidic and woody notes such as verbena, lemon, peach blossom and amber. And the hair still feels soft and well-tended even after the chlorine water and sunshine.


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Skincare Glamglow


The warm temperatures invite you to spend more time outside and cancel one or the other of the daily schedule. However, we should also think of our skin in the summer and pamper them with the right products. Today I would like to introduce you to some of my favorites that are particularly suitable for the summer.



Good in Bed is called the new night care by Glamglow. The cream feels very rich when applied and of course once again has a super delicious smell. If you like me in the summer during the day, a light fluid cream or even a gel cream, night can treat the stressed skin (summer, sun, stay awake longer) a small treatment. The formulation of Glamglow Good in Bed Passionfruit Softening Night Crème contains a positive charge; our skin is negatively charged naturally. As a result, the cream adheres super to the skin and can unfold its effect so undisturbed. As a care ingredient, it contains passion fruit oil with moisturizing squalene to provide the skin with essential nutrients and give it a silky suppleness. At the same time, a powerful but gentle blend of various acids removes dead, dry dandruff that leaves the complexion tired and dull. After a restful night, the skin feels intensively groomed and radiates accordingly again to the bet.


clarins re-charge


My Clarins is the name of the new line from Clarins, which was developed especially for the skin care from 15 – 25 years. The My Clarins RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask is also a care applied at bedtime to take care of it during night. It soothes the epidermis and the scent provides relaxation. The moisture reserves of the skin are filled up during sleep. The mask feels less rich than Glamglow’s Good in Bed Cream. It is easy to apply and feels pleasantly light on the skin. The next morning you notice the care but very good, the skin feels upholstered and cared for (this also at over 25;)). In my opinion, it is also suitable for those who prefer a light night mask. Especially after a day in the sun..


Glamglow Bubble Sheet Mask


Anyone who follows my blog for a while knows that I love the face masks of Glamglow. I’m sure they’ll work with me every week. New is now the Glamglow Bubblesheet Mask – sheet masks are quick and easy to use. I especially like to take them on vacation, for example. Do something good for my skin after a hard day shopping. The Bubblesheet Mask transforms on the skin into an intensively cleansing foam. As a make-up remover and cleansing foam in one, the skin can radiate wonderfully again after the application. The cloth mask is made of black bamboo, contains charcoal and a cleansing formula, which combines the TEAOXI technology of Glamglow with the amino acid L-arginine. Shortly after applying, the fine foam forms, this tingles easily on the skin and smells of citrus. The skin is getting supplied with oxygen during the application and maintained while it is pore-deep freed of dirt and impurities. I love it.




The Coffee Superfood Face Mask by The Body Shop gives the skin power with Nicaraguan coffee. Dull skin is a constant issue for me at the moment, because I’m not quite used to getting up at 5 in the morning. Therefore, you do an energy kick in between very well. The mask reduces the signs of fatigue and provides a livelier, freed from impurities and radiant skin and refined pores. I especially like the rich, exfoliating texture. After the application, massage the mask a little bit more and the skin becomes tender. As a coffee lover, I really love the intense aroma of coffee. Of course, the mask is Cruelty Free and contains coffee as well as Community Trade Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua, Community Trade Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter from Ghana as well as organic Community Trade Sugarcane from Paraguay.


origins drink up mask


The Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Moisturizing Mask with Apricot & Swiss Glacier Water is an absolute summer must-have, it smells wonderful, is light and refreshing. Exquisite seaweed extracts hydrate intensively, while high-quality apricot kernel oil has a smoothing effect and gives a silky soft skin feeling. Swiss glacier water refines the ultra-rich formula to replenish the skin’s moisture reserves and refresh them. I prefer to wear them as a treatment before or after a refreshing shower on a warm summer’s day.


origins drink up overnight mask review


The counterpart to the mask for the day is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask. It also smells “delicious” and the texture is great as well. To be honest, Skincare is fun, I like products with powerful ingredients that smell wonderful and are easy to use – all of this is more than true here. And let’s be honest, sometimes after the evening makeup removal and the face cleaning all of us have already thought “Oh no I forgot to use a mask today again” – this is exactly where these practical helpers come into play, instead of staying awake longer – simply apply Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask and let it work overnight. It contains avocado and apricot kernel oil, and Japanese sea algae which repairs the skin barrier, preventing future dehydration and signs of premature aging. In the morning, the skin feels soft and well-groomed.


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Sheet Mask


Also at The Body Shop you will find the trendy and quick-to-use sheet masks. One of them is The Body Shop Drops of Youth Sheet Mask. The mask is biodegradable and 100% vegan. It can be easily removed from the packaging and placed on the skin. Then leave for 15 minutes. The Drops of Youth Sheet Mask is fortified with 70% of the concentrate of a 30ml format of The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrates, wow, you see, it’s really highly concentrated. The mask contains plant stem cells from Edelweiss, sea fennel and beach thistle from the Italian Alps and the Breton coast as well as biological Community Trade Babassu oil from Brazil. The mask is pleasant on the skin – after the application, the skin feels relaxed and radiates.


Dr. Hauschka Eye Care Eye Revive


Do you know the problem of swollen eyes in summer? Sometimes, short nights and heat are particularly troublesome for the sensitive eye area. That’s why I’m especially happy that I tested the Dr. Hauschka Eye Care Eye Revive vials. The content of the ampoule is applied to 2 cotton pads and these are placed on the eye area and allowed to act for 10 minutes. P.S. the perfect opportunity to relax. Of course, I combine them with a face mask for the Mini-Spa effect at home. Eyebright, fennel, chamomile and black tea are used to strengthen and revitalize the eye area. Very beneficial in overstrained and tired eyes.




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Do you already know the new premium hair care line from Basler? No? Then it will be high time for me to introduce you to you today. Because I was allowed to test the Intense Repair line with keratin from Basler Premium.


Basler premium intense repair


The built-up substances with special active complex help to restore the hair structure. The contained fiber protein keratin can attach to the hair and form a natural protective film. An innovative heat protection ingredient shortens the drying time and thus reduces hair damage caused by blow-drying.



I tested the entire hair care range of the Basler Premium Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner were in daily use. By the way, I also like the scent of the products and the textures. The shampoo with keratin cleanses the hair gently. I massage it gently into the damp hair. It does not complain the hair and leaves a great smell. The conditioner contains keratin and heat protection. I let it work for 5 minutes.


Basler premium intense repair


Once a week my hair gets some extra care with the Basler Premium Intense Repair Hair Mask. For my damaged hair the mask is a blessing, afterwards it shines wonderful again. I recommend you to leave the mask work for about 15 minutes. While that I wear a shower cap, so that the mask can perform even better.


Now for the great fragrance mentioned above, this is very high quality: “With real perfume from Grasse in a premium quality. The fine fragrance of jasmine, tangerine, apricot, vanilla and a touch of musk transforms any room into a feel-good Oasis. The high-quality wick made of cotton ensures a perfect use. “ – Basler Beauty

So, if you are looking for a great care line for your hair, then visit basler-beauty.ch.



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As you know, Sisley is one of my favorite brands. The products are of high quality like no other and convince me time and again with their effectiveness. In the past weeks, I was again able to test some novelties for you, which I would like to introduce to you today.




Let’s start with the – for me personally – most important novelty to the SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION. As you may know, our modern lifestyle has brought with it some pitfalls that do not spare the skin. Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution and blue light. Our favorite gadgets like smartphones, laptops and Co. irradiate us with this blue light. Why is that so bad? The blue and unnatural light accelerates skin aging – so it is like in the sunlight – a protection against it necessary.



A powerful antioxidant active cocktail consisting of buckwheat seeds, ginkgo biloba, peas and vitamin E acetate combats free radicals and protects the skin from the damaging effects of all environmental pollution. Highly nutritious, highly hydrating active ingredients from plant sugar compounds, buckwheat seeds and shea butter promote the ability of the epidermis to store water and thus contribute to the optimum supply of water to the skin. The SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION is therefore an all-rounder, which also helps reduce signs of tiredness and protects and cares for the skin as a whole. The wonderful scent of essential oils ensures a wellness moment par excellence already in the morning when applied.




Now to these two great novelties SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS and SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS. Two anti-aging products for body and hands.




The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS is not just any hand cream. Rather, it is a comprehensive high-tech care that combats all visible signs of age of the hands such. Wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of density and tone or dry skin. It is not for nothing that people say that the true age of a woman can be recognized by her hands. Because often hands are wrongly neglected in the care and while the face is spoiled with creams and serums, the hands have the disadvantage. The contained Lindera extract supports the cell renewal process, extracts of the silk acacia supply the cells with energy and a protein complex of yeast and soy increases the life of the cells. The hand care is very pleasant to apply and absorbs quickly, one immediately senses an improvement and hydration of the skin. Perfect even for a nursing quickening in the office – without blurring the keyboard.

We all wish to have well-groomed, delicate skin. However, so that the skin does not lose its elasticity over time, anti-aging care is also appropriate for the body. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS contains exactly the right active ingredients and also smells wonderful. It is particularly useful in places affected by loss of strength such as the abdomen, inside of the arms and thighs and the buttocks. The extract of the silk acacia, the Lindera extract and a protein complex from yeast and soy help here as well. They specifically support the cell renewal process (energy, biorhythms and longevity) and thus ensure an optimal anti-aging effect. Because with age, the functions of the essential components of the dermis subsidence: In youth, they are resistant and elastic, but with time their production decreases and thus the elasticity of the skin. This process is counteracted by the extracts of soy fiber, dill and padina pavonica. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS has a wonderfully light and at the same time rich, so rich in active ingredients, held texture, which can be incorporated well into the skin. I use them each evening after showering – also to support the regeneration process of the skin during the night.

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