Monthly Favorites “Body Care” with Rituals, Collistar & Louis Widmer

beauty products rituals collistar


Easter is coming soon. But first it’s time for my favorite products of the month, it’s about beguiling scents and practical everyday helpers. Included this time are products from Rituals, Collistar and Louis Widmer.


rituals of dao spray


Let’s start with my favorite one from The Ritual of Dao collection by Rituals. The Calming Bed & Body Mist contains white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. It is a soothing scent spray for textiles, bedding and the body. Ever since I received it, I spray my pillow with it every evening, I love the scent.


ritual of Dao relaxing serum chinese mint


The Relaxing Serum of The Rituals of Dao also serves relaxation. It should serve especially the stress reduction and this also on the way. In terms of format, it fits perfectly in my handbag. It is a light serum and has a slightly cooling effect on the application, also due to the metal ball as an applicator. I find the application very pleasant, especially the wonderful fragrance that unfolds.


rituals rituals of sakura foaming


Here’s an all time favorite of mine the ritual of sakura shower foam by rituals. He just smells so wonderful. In addition, as I have emphasized several times on the blog, the shower foams of Rituals are very gentle to the skin and do not dries the skin out.


collistar bb cream


Even if the summer is not yet in sight, you can still look forward to warmer days anyway. Last summer I discovered them for myself, the BB Cream for the legs. From Collistar there is now a BB cream for the legs too. It’s called Magic BB Body Plus and not only offers a touch of color but also care for the legs. Ginger extract ensures a light leg feeling. The mini skirt season can come.


Louis widmer deodorant ohne aluminium


The deodorant cream without aluminum salts by Louis Widmer is on the market since March 1, 2018, I was allowed to try it in advance. The mild base ensures optimal compatibility even with very sensitive skin. The Anti perspirant natural complex, a combination of sage and horsetail, inhibits perspiration and normalizes sweat gland secretions. SymDeo B125 and Octopirox® reduce body odor and control the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin. In contrast to other deodorants free from aluminum salts this protects very well. I will certainly continue to use it and am looking forward to the coming summer time.