OOTD: “The white Shirt”

Cheap but trendy “it needs no expensive brands to trendy and fashionable therefore to come”


The celebrity under the Basic’s also among the stars love it



Chicoree Look 1 a-min



Sense of style can not be bought, it has nothing to do with expensive designer clothes, but with the presentation. Even the feel-good factor is important, what good are the coolest clothes, if you feel uncomfortable you in it.



Chicoree Look 1 f-min


Basic parts are often depicted as langeweilig, I think, however, quite wrongly. For what the stars and trendsetters of our time have long had never looks so flexible.


Chicoree Look 1 e-min



Chicoree Look 1 b-min



The white t-shirt is a basic part and at the same time classic that belongs in every closet well stocked. Kristina Bazan, the most famous fashion blogger from Switzerland, it also contributes to a trendy denim.



Quelle: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIc04jBACRj/?taken-by=kristinabazan


Chicoree Look 1 g-min


She loves the combo of white T-shirt and cool blue jeans in destroyed look. Also in Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the look is at a premium.


Quelle: https://www.instagram.com/p/BI-ZOjCjxnV/?taken-by=rosiehw


Serve with a pretty blouse with floral print, in the spring they were already at a premium and in autumn they are back in vogue. completed the look with a trendy handbag in fine gray.


Chicoree Look 1 d-min


I hope I could convince you of the qualities of WHITE SHIRT’s.



How do you like the look? 🙂