Lookbook: Spring Vibes with Fashiondrug

Contains advertising     The first sunny days already arouse spring vibes, I certainly can not wait for the upcoming warmer seasons. Even though I enjoy the snow in the mountains, I still enjoy warmer temperatures in everyday life a little bit more. All the more I was pleased that I was able to pick a great selection at Fashiondrug.com. They offer so many stylish fashion pieces, amazingly beautiful handbags…

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Lookbook: Stylish on the slopes

Contains advertising     Winter is in full bloom. In the mountains there is currently fantastic winter sports weather and next week the winter sports holidays starting. Best time to present you my stylish winter sport look. I was allowed to choose a ski look combination at Columbia, and my new winter shoes by Sorel are perfect for a snowday.   The Columbia Sportswear POWDER KEG ™ II jacket is…

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Lookbook: Winterlook

Enthält Werbung     The winter is here – it was snowing last weekend in my hometown too. So it’s time to show you my No. 1 winter look of the season a little bit closer. My fav look is not only stylish, but also keeps you warm in freezing temperatures.   First of all, to choose the right pair of shoes in winter is important. The best winter shoes…

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Lookbook: Denim Love

Contains advertising     Autumn is still in full swing and winter is coming soon. Today I would like to introduce you to my favorite fall and winter looks with denim. Whether jeans, denim jacket or sweaters and shirts with my favorite looks you can get it all.     As you know I was in Munich recently – but not without my favorite outfit from Lee. The oversize shirt…

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Lookbook: Red Highlights

Advertisement     Fashion makes me happy – and you? My look today is one of my favorite autumn outfits. The color red is such a classy one – a reason to highlight my look with red shoes and accessories.   Cozy woolen sweaters are the autumn / winter basics No. 1 – this one in black is from NA-KD Fashion and fits almost to every fashionpiece in my wardrobe.…

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Lookbook: A harmonious duo – the N1 autumn trend color yellow and animal print ballerinas by Day Shoes

Contains advertising     Hurray Hurray the fall is here, I’m actually really a huge fan of the summer – but also autumn has its beautiful sides. In particular, the colorful foliage in the trees is just too beautiful. But not only the leaves may shine in yellow this autumn – the color is also one of the absolute trend colors for the fall season 2018. Do you like yellow,…

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Lookbook: Ready to Safari?

Advertisement     Sometimes coincidences happen that are just too perfect – as happened when I was on photo safari with my colleague. There he was this lit off-roader truck. With my safari keeper outfit and the fake snakeskin bag we just found the perfect shooting location.   But now to my look. The Deux piece with jacket and skirt in beige has beautiful buttons in tortoise shell optics, both…

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Lookbook: Holiday Vibes

  Today I call back after my vacation. It was a really great adventure to drive through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia – more about this soon. But now to my look. This outfit really exudes holiday vibes of the finest, or what do you think?   Obviously, the look this time also the passers-by in the streets of Lucerne liked very well, I got at least some compliments. But the…

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Lookbook: Endless Summer

    While some people already complain about the summer heat, for me personally this summer could last forever. Of course, all four seasons have their beautiful sides, but I always feel happiest during the summer. The people in the streets, in the bus, shopping mall, etc. look always happier too when the sun is shining.   Of course I love to wear the summer dresses, short skirts and spaghetti…

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Lookbook: Classy summerlook with eyecatching Accessoires

Advertising / press samples     Happy Monday to you all. Also this week the weather should be hot again summerly and that makes me very happy. Because with my stylish sunglasses from neubau eyewear I enjoy the sunshine even more. My sunnies are super comfortable to wear and they give every look a touch of VIP glamor. Carla – that’s the name of my sunglasses from neubau eyewear –…

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Lookbook: The perfect white summer dress by Stefanel

Advertising / PR sample     You are looking for the perfect summer dress? It has to be timeless and chic too. I have already found my perfect summer dress – basic fashion piece that should not be missing in any wardrobe. A white linen dress in classic A-line, which I found here at Stefanel.     When temperatures are rising, it is important to wear high-quality fabrics. Straight linen…

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