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Health is the most important asset. That’s why my blog is also about fitness and health issues. Motivation, sports, sports gadgets, sports fashion, cook boxes, smoothies, breakfast rolls, recipes and much more.

Smoothie Diet with Greamies

Spring is coming soon, and it’s time to wake up from the winter mode. In order not to become a victim of spring fatigue, a healthy and balanced diet with fresh products is indispensable. A smoothie diet is a way to break with the unhealthy habits of the past winter months and refuel vitamins & nutrients. First, I would like to introduce…


Soda Stream Organic Syrup

In one of my last beauty posts, I have already betrayed some tips to avoid waste. Today comes a great product, which makes pet bottles and carrying heavy bottles unnecessary. Of course I am talking about Soda Stream, new they offer delicious organic syrups with which you can mix great alcohol-free drinks.    


In the land of the lilies – A travel report on the Azores

Who wouldn’t like to travel around the world and visit the most beautiful places in the world all the time. To show you a place today, there is a guest blogpost for the first time, because I unfortunately couldn’t renounce my everyday duties. A dream destiny, which, as I find, is not already on everyone’s lips. Have fun by reading this great travel…


active sportswear by lululemon

First of all, I have to admit to you that I have neglected my sporting activities for the last few weeks, but this is about to change again. The right clothes are very important during the training, because sport is no fun in the wet sweat shirt or with a sports bra which does not support at all. That is why I…


Recipe: Easy pumpkin soup

Dear lovelies, tomorrow is Halloween not only but also to this occasion I cooked a delicious pumpkin soup. There are thousands of recipes with quite extravagant ingredients, but do you know what? I like it totally uncomplicated and undisturbed. Therefore, I would like to share with you my recipe, enough for about 4 small or 2 large portions of this…


Fitness: Polar Loop 2 and Balance tested

Fitness fans among you have perhaps already an activity tracker or have already ever considered yourself a thought to set. Then you’re in good company. Since I was not sure if I wanted one or not, I have requested a tester at Polar. Test I was thus the Polar Loop 2 Tracker and the balance scales. Today I want to…