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412   669
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97   753

Contains PR-Samples


Yankee Candles are and will always be my favourite scented candles, because besides the numerous scents that are available all year round, I am always happy about the latest collections matching the season. Also this winter the winter collection Alpine Christmas sweetens the cool season for me.



Yankee Candle – Evergreen Mist


This time my favourite is called Evergreen Mist – especially since this scented candle conjures up an incomparable fir scent in the living room despite the artificial Christmas tree. Like a walk through the evergreen fir forest after the first snowfall, when the sun flashes through the fog. The burning time of this glass is 110-150 hours.


Yankee Candle – Pomegranate Gin Fizz



You like fruity scents with that certain touch? Then you’ll love Pomegranate Gin Fizz. A sparkling holiday drink with sweet pomegranate, fresh citrus fruits and cranberries. I like the citrus note to the sweetness super good. The burning time of this size is 20-30 hours


Yankee Candle – Candlelit Cabin



Candlelit Cabin is also a great scent for cosy hours at home. The scents of rustic pine, warm spices and earthy notes fill the air with cosiness. A fragrance that always fits as I find it.


Yankee Candle – After Sledding



The absolute Christmas scent for me this year is After Sledding by Yankee Candle. An equally sweet scent with sweet maple syrup, spices from the Christmas bakery and vanilla notes. The perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Anyway, I am looking forward to many cosy hours at home with the new candles from Yankee Candle Switzerland.






As you know, traveling is one of my favorite things, for example this summer, I visited four countries and many more cities in just 11 days. Soon I will be on the next trip, to Bali. On the one hand, I like to share the many memories and experiences with my loved ones at home, on the other hand I also want to find a home for my pictures outside of Instagram and Co.


Oslo Cityguide


Every year, however, it comes to the same scenario in terms of postcards, so I – diligent as I am – already bought in the first big city, some pretty postcards and stamps. I bought twelve greeting cards in Stockholm on the second day of our trip. But not without the ulterior motive that we will be back in Sweden after another stop in Oslo (Norway). Somehow I already guessed that it will not work in time to write all the cards before we leave and then also find a mailbox. It came as it had to come, the postcards were written in Oslo and when we arrived two days later in Malmö (Sweden), the stress was not over yet, because far and wide we found no mailbox. In addition, the cards are not only expensive, but super impersonal except for the handwritten text. Nevertheless, all recipients have been very happy about the postcards. Do you also know this problem? If so, then I have now found the solution for me and you, the MyPostcard App.


Send postcards via MyPostcard app – worldwide



Quelle: MyPostcard


Because sending postcards from vacation is a lot easier with the App of MyPostcard – I would be great if I have discovered the app before my summer vacation. Because MyPostcard makes it possible to send real postcards with selfmade holiday photos and Co. by smartphone quickly and easily. In addition to pictures from your own smartphone library, you can also directly use pictures from your Instagram account. In addition, a personal greeting text can be written on the back. In the end, just enter the recipient’s address and MyPostcard takes care of printing, franking and worldwide shipping. Thus, the time pressure and the search for a mailbox has come to an end.


Photo Prints with your pictures from Instagram




Since I was not on vacation at the time, I took a closer look at the MyPostcard offer and found a great gift idea for myself or the travel companion. As Instagrammer and Blogger, I and my friend realize countless photo ideas that adorn my feed. But you know something? So far, the many beautiful pictures remained digital and simply slipped down the Instagram feed day after day. Due to everyday life and many to-do’s I had not been able to pick out my favorite photos from my photo database and get them printed out. With the MyPostcard app, however, I managed it in less than 10 minutes to pick my 30 favorite pictures of the last year and let print them out. How cool is that? My favorite memories were sent to me in a pretty little box and I can now look at them again and again. However, I will probably be able to decorate a blank wall in the office with it in a timely manner and have other pictures printed as well.



Anzeige: Dieser Beitrag enthält Werbung. Der Inhalt und meine Meinung wurden dadurch nicht beeinflusst. Weitere Infos: www.trusted-blogs.com/werbekennzeichnung

Mode Suisse 16


The number one fashion show in Switzerland took place again last weekend, namely it was already Mode Suisse Edition 16. Already in the afternoon we were able to examine the masterpieces of the Swiss fashion designers at the Media Preview, before it was called in the evening: It’s Showtime!


Mode Suisse 16


Before the show started, there was still time for a little aperitif in the super cool location. By the way, Mode Suisse 16 was also the very first outdoor show.


At the premises of the General Vocational School Zurich (ABZ), Mode Suisse took place for the 16th time, where selected Swiss fashion designers presented their collections. Based on the constantly adjusted concept of the event series, labels such as After Work Studio, Amorphosis, Forbidden Denimeries or Julia Heuer enthused again. On the catwalk were collections by After Work Studio (Basel), Amorphose (Lugano), Forbidden Denimeries (Geneva), Jacqueline Loekito (Basel), Julia Heuer (Stuttgart), Mourjjan (Zurich, Beirut, Mykonos), Nina Yuun ( Basel, Seoul) and the students of the HEAD – Genève and the Institute of Fashion Design HGK FHNW. Another show highlight was the Capsule Collection by MADE VISIBLE®, created by the young design collective ArchivesTM (Tiffanie Bellenot, Justin Person, Victor Prieux from Geneva): MADE VISIBLE® x ArchivesTM. The three talented alumni of the HEAD – Genève worked together with textile manufacturers such as Schoeller and Rotofil. The confident Capsule Collection is intended to further fuel the trend for fashionable visibility in road traffic.









Acer Swift 5


In the past weeks I was allowed to test the Acer Swift 5 Pro – today I want to tell you about my experiences with the stylish laptop. I tested the Acer Swift 5 Pro in my everyday life and of course on the way too, because so much in advance it is super light.


Acer Swift 5


In terms of performance, it is very important to me that a notebook can take on different tasks at the same time, as a blogger I often write posts online on the blog, at the same time I edit photos in Lightroom and answer e-mails in Outlook, the Acer Swift 5 Pro can deal with that without any struggles. On the one hand, I need a fast processor, especially for my image editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop need a strong notebook because they require a high performance, with a slow processor, the processes are not executed fast enough and the programs threaten to stagnate. Shortly in the worst case, I edit a picture and Lightroom crashes, then I would have to start over. But not so with the Acer Swift 5 Pro – thanks to the built-in i5 processor of the 8-generation, I can easily edit videos and pictures without unnecessary time due to long processing times or even program crashes. Often I work in various applications such as Word, Outlook, Lightroom, Photoshop and WordPress on WordPress, these applications all need a lot of RAM – this has already been surrendered to laptops in the past. This problem is a thing of the past thanks to the Acer Swift 5 Pro with its 16 GB of RAM (!) – no matter how many programs, tabs and Co. I had opened – the Acer Swift 5 Pro did not let itself be disturbed and performed flawlessly ,



Since I have all my business data, pictures and important learning materials on my laptop, security is also very important to me. After all, you never know and passwords are crackable. That’s why I’m so excited about the integrated fingerprint scan function that unlocks the notebook. I have been using the fingerprint or face ID feature on my phone for years, but I have never had this before on a laptop. But I can be sure that my data is secured even if lost. In addition, the notebook is ready to go in the lecture, on the train, at home and in the café thanks to a short finger scan.


Acer Swift 5


For those who may not be quite technically savvy, it certainly helps a lot if the notebook is up and running without much effort. The Acer Swift 5 Pro even helps you to set up the Cortana speech control application when needed. As soon as the notebook is switched on, it is ready to go within a few minutes. Only the country, the keyboard setting and the wifi connection need to be selected. This process guides you from the notebook so that it is ready to start without much effort.


Acer Swift 5


Now to one of my other personal highlights of the Acer Swift 5 Pro – the display can be tilted down by 180°. How cool is that please? And of course, it’s also great for meetings with customers to show you graphics and co. In addition, the notebook has a touch screen and can thus be easily operated.


Acer Swift 5 Pro


The Acer Swift 5 Pro with its lithium-magnesium body weighs just 970 g, making it an easy everyday companion. Because I’m always on the road with a notebook, so that I can illustrate my idea to my customers even during spontaneous meetings. When traveling, I also like to use, for example the time on the train or plane to edit pictures, answer e-mails and create concepts in Word. Flexibility is my favorite keyword. I also really like the flat design and the color – I have already been told that the notebook looks very high quality ^^ The notebook also has a very high quality effect on me and feels just as good in use. Especially when traveling or traveling, not only the low weight, but also the amazing battery life of up to 8 hours is a big plus. As I mentioned earlier, who knows me personally knows that I almost never leave my house without my notebook – constantly and everywhere I am working – my office must be flexible and always ready to use. Whether on the train. in the café, at the university while learning or at the airport.



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Muttertag Geschenkidee


On Sunday is mother’s day and you have still no present for your mom? Maybe I can help you with some great gift ideas.


Elie Saab – Girl of Now Forever


Muttertag Geschenkidee


Elie Saab is primarily known for his bridal gown collections – anyone who reads my blog for a while knows for sure that there are wonderful perfumes by Elie Saab as well. The latest perfume is called Girl of Now Forever. The bottle is very high quality and a real eye-catcher on the beauty shelf. Especially the petals design makes you want to summer weather. Girl of Now Forever is not only a fragrance for girls, but also for women – because it is a very feminine and floral fragrance. The top note is determined by lemon peel and raspberry. The heart notes are blackcurrant, rose, almond and orange blossom. The sweet sweetness gives vanilla in the base notes, as well as patchouli, cashmeran and musk.


Guerlain – Mon Guerlain Eau de Bloom of Rose


Muttertag Geschenkidee


A wonderful fragrance is also Mon Guerlain Eau de Bloom of Rose by Guerlain – especially for all Rose lovers. The fragrance is fruity and floral as well as feminine and sensual. The classic bottle with the shamrock is simply a classic and this perfume could be a classic for your mom. Still a summery scent with lavender and citrus fruits in the top note. The floral heart notes are from Arabian jasmine, Bulgarian rose and neroli. The base notes of vanilla from Tahiti and sandalwood give warmth.


The Body Shop – White Musk Flora


Muttertag Geschenkidee


You can not only find great body butters, body yogurts and fragrant shower gels at The Body Shop – there are also great perfumes to discover. Quite simple and simple, no matter if as a whole care set with perfume or e. As a trifle next to chocolate or flowers – this is a great idea. Of course, the perfume from The Body Shop is also extremely friendly and therefore 100% vegan. White Musk Flora by The Body Shop is an elegant, floral fragrance perfect for spring and summer. The fragrances include bergamot, pink pepper, animal-friendly musk and peony and lily of the valley.


Dr. Hauschka Mother’s Day Gifts – Regeneration Body Balm and Revitalizing Mask



Also  Dr. Hauschka has came up with a beautiful gift idea this year. The special Mother’s Day edition is hand-packed and presents itself in a floral pattern. The Regeneration Body Balm by Dr. Hauschka gives a smooth and streamlined skin feel. With its enveloping fragrance, the balm pampers the senses. The body balm supports the shaping power of the skin. It’s valuable medicinal plant extracts preserve and regulate the moisture of the skin. The Revitalizing Mask by Dr. Hauschka refines every skin. It gives a taut skin feeling and gives a regular complexion – even with redness and impure skin. In addition, the hand cream and regeneration hand balm are available in Mother’s Day design.


Weleda – Lavender Relaxation bath


Muttertag Geschenkidee


Something relaxation can be of use to stressed-out mums. And when it comes to bath products, Weleda, with its long tradition and high quality, is clearly one of my favorites. Whether as a foot bath or a full-body bath, you can give your mum a little bit of Me-Time with the lavender relaxation bath.


Bath Bombs by Lush




The do not only smell great, they’re also visually always a nice gift idea – the bath bombs by Lush. For Mother’s Day, there are numerous special and limited bath bombs such as this sweet teapot. In addition, almost everything goes without packaging at Lush and is like this bath bomb vegan. That means it’s also great for the environment.


Room Fragrance by Lalique

Muttertag Geschenkidee


Instead of gifting a classy perfume – how about giving mom a wonderful room fragrance? At Lalique you will find not only high-quality perfumes, home accessories and Co. but also incomparably good scented room fragrances and scented candles. A little bit of luxury for the home of your mom.


Home signature Flower Fragrance Diffuser by Phyto Paris




You maybe know the brand Phyto Paris if you’ve been following my blog for some time ago. And then certainly because of their great hair care products. But also at Phyto Paris there is the Home Signature line like the extremely decorative and wonderfully scented Flower Fragrance Diffuser. A great gift for your mom – a flower that smells amazing for a long time.


Foodspring Tea Set



For tea lovers, I also have a great gift idea, how about the fitness and feel-good tea by Foodspring? There are not only superfoods and protein shakes available, but also delicious tea. The glass bottle available for this purpose is also very practical – the tea can be prepared and taken there immediately. Whether in the office, on the hike or in the shopping center. A healthy drink is so environmentally friendly with it.


Exceptional socks and stockings by Falke & Burlington


Muttertag Geschenkidee


You are looking for an extraordinary yet stylish and practical gift? How about a pair of Falke or Burlington socks? In both brands, I find a huge selection of original and exceptional socks in incomparable quality, with which you can certainly make your mom a pleasure. If your mom prefers to wear stockings, you will definitely find a nice and high-quality model at Falke.


I hope you liked my gift ideas for your mom’s. Now I wish all mom’s a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.


In collaboration with IKEA 


IKEA PAX Open Closet


The open closet concept is gaining in popularity. Already some time ago I had considered replacing my old closet with an open one. The benefits are obvious – you can see your clothes at first sight and so it is easier to keep order and choose an outfit. In search of a suitable cabinet system, I came across the PAX system from IKEA.




The PAX system offers countless possibilities and can be easily adapted to your own needs and the conditions of your room. With the PAX planner I designed my closet first – until I had put together the perfect closet for me. Since my room is not that big, I decided to add a corner closet. A space saving option. Of course, it is also important to think about how much space you need for which clothing category. I decided to hang clothes, blouses and blazers on a clothes rail. For pants and skirts shelves. Everything else, such as sweaters, T-shirts, sportswear, caps, socks, underwear and tights have each received a drawer.



Planned and off to IKEA. This time, I decided to have the components delivered to me. Then it was time to build. Diligently we screwed and hammered. Incidentally, I bought some time ago the FIXA by IKEA, it’s great for furniture and also very cheap, I can really recommend it, because the construction is done even faster.


IKEA PAX Open Closet


Then it was for me to grant. When clearing out my old closet, of course, I had already cleared out and sorted out all clothes and Co., which I no longer wear. I also recommend you to sort your clothes by category and colors. So if you’re looking for a white top and a flowered skirt, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for and you will not have to search through your entire closet – which in turn would cause clutter again.



In addition, the sorting by color looks very nice, which is certainly of relevance in the Open Closet concept. For a better overview, I recommend you to build in next to your Komplement Shelves also Komplement drawers into your closet, because these are perfect to keep track.


IKEA PAX Open Closet

IKEA PAX Open Closet



IKEA PAX Open Closet


My perfume and make-up collection has also found a new home in the PAX at IKEA. Now I can see everything at a glance and can coordinate my outfit including accessories, make-up and Co. perfectly.


Schuhregal IKEA Billy


But not only the PAX from IKEA is suitable for implementing the Open Closet Concept. Probably the most famous bookshelf in the world Billy can be perfectly transformed into a shoe wall. Because why should a woman hide all the beautiful highheels and Co. in a shoe cabinet? In addition to the Billy, I’ve also bought four additional shelves, so that all my shoes find their place.


I’m really more than happy with the result of my switch to the trendy Open Closet Concept. The combination of IKEA Pax and Billy is just perfect. You also seem to agree with this opinion, thank you all for the positive feedback on my Instagram pictures. Of course I hope that I could inspire you with my transformation. Here is the before-and-after comparison of my bedroom (P.S my dressing table has got a new place next to PAX).




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Lookbook Columbia Skilook


Winter is in full bloom. In the mountains there is currently fantastic winter sports weather and next week the winter sports holidays starting. Best time to present you my stylish winter sport look. I was allowed to choose a ski look combination at Columbia, and my new winter shoes by Sorel are perfect for a snowday.


The Columbia Sportswear POWDER KEG ™ II jacket is a down jacket with high-tech thermal insulation and goose down. The down jacket is waterproof and breathable, it gives pleasantly warm, with the heat exchange ensures that it does not get too warm in the jacket. Furthermore, it has a forearm ventilation system and a removable, helmet-compatible storm hood, which is adjustable. The jacket has a great fit and is very comfortable to wear. Both when sledging and skiing, I had each nice and warm, but unlike my companions did not sweat. I’m more than excited about this jacket. I also like the design very well. By the way, the seams are completely sealed by Omni-Tech ™. Very handy is also the ski pass pocket on the left arm, so you can just pass by the ski lifts.


My black ski pants are also from Columbia Sportswear and are called SNOW RIVAL ™. Thermo technology keeps you warm even under the coldest conditions, while the waterproof, breathable material keeps you dry. Thanks to the 4-way comfort stretch you can move freely with the pants, it does not restrict the freedom of movement. The pants are really great to wear and keep you warm. She is not too heavily padded and looks super stylish.


To go sledging, I needed a pair of warm shoes and, of course, the matching shoes. I found them at Sorel. For several winter seasons I wear almost exclusively Sorel shoes and I am simply thrilled. This time I picked a mega stylish couple again, namely the model Whitney Short Lace. The lining of this shoe is a dream, I rarely had such a soft coat in a shoe. He also runs in super fast. At first, I thought the shoe was a bit too small, but that is due to the fluffy lining. After 1 – 2 hours, the shoe had already reached the correct fit. I never had cold feet during my outings in the snow and they stayed dry. The Whitney Short Lace are the perfect companions for a trip into the snow.


Finally, I wore my dark gray top from Falke. If you have not known, you will find many great sportswear at Falke. also running stuff. I will also introduce some of them to you soon. This turtleneck sweater, however, has proven itself as a winter sport top, because under the warm Columbia jacket I do not need a thick wool sweater too. I also do not like scarfs and that’s why a turtleneck is just the right thing. The heat exchange also works great, you won’t sweat and freeze.


How do you like my snow sports look?

Lookbook Columbia Skilook



Lookbook Columbia Skilook



Lookbook Columbia Skilook



Lookbook Columbia Skilook



Lookbook Columbia Skilook


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In December I attended once again Zermattfashion in beautiful Zermatt. Also this year the pretty winter sports resort became a fashion hotspot in the mountains. From 13.12. till 16.12.2018 Zermattfashion took place this year. There were great brands, talented artists and edgy models – a colorful mix of talents.


I was also allowed to spend the night in a beautiful room of the Hotel Chesa Valese, with more details.


The Shows 2018



On Friday I arrived just in time for attending the New Comer Fashion Show at Vernissage Zermatt. In the Club Vernissage by Heinz Julen, who already served as the location for the first 2 editions, five talented young Swiss designers joined us: Gela Wesh, Nasuri, Wild Luxe, Lahara, Ghislain Clerc and outfits div. Swiss young designer of the local concept store “Fernanda’s” presents. Entertainment was provided by the talented Lucas Fischer.




Personally, I particularly liked the collections of Nasuri and Lahari – especially because of the materials used. The evening rehearsals were of course also breathtaking.



On Saturday, the Grand Brand Fashion Show was presented. I was especially looking forward to this program point. At the Fashion Plaza, outdoor in front of the Restaurant Molino, five established labels – Fusalp, Jet Set, Peak Performance, NILE and INUIKII showed their latest winter looks. As always, Jet Set was one of my favorites – I just love the retro chic of her ski outfits. On the other hand, I always associate Nile with wintry bohochic and coolness – while Fusalp and Peak Performance score with functionality.



Another highlight was as in the past year, the atmosphere in the open air at minus temperatures under cuddly blankets. We were entertained properly by the talented singer JIZELLE, who melted some spectators and the snow with her voice. Many spectators and of course I was also looking forward to three well-known faces among the models. The two winners of the Elite Model Look Contest Switzerland Léo Calani and Helena Fritz as well as Switzerlands Next Top Model winner Savior also ran over the catwalks.



My stay at Hotel Chesa Valese



Already on Friday I was able to check in at the homely hotel Chesa Valese. I was allowed to unpack my suitcases in the Chalet Apartment Ca ‘d’Angelina directly opposite the main building and immediately felt at home there.



Me and also my bff, who accompanied me, immediately felt welcome and at home. The apartment has a modern open kitchen, a living and dining area, a spacious bedroom, bath / shower and two toilets and a nice terrace. Especially the interior design with the large window front and the many warm wood I really liked.



For having breakfast we went to the hotel itself and were spoiled with everything what our heart desired. Whether sweet or savory, freshly squeezed orange juice or delicious scrambled eggs. The location of the Chesa Valese is also ideal – we were able to reach all important points within a few minutes on foot while walking through the enchanting mountain village of Zermatt. By the way, you will be greeted at the station by the hotel’s own electric car and taken to the hotel.





I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Zermatt.


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Yankeecandle Holiday Sparkle


Especially in Advent and in the winter time, I like to make myself comfortable at home. The winter collection by Yankee Candle “Holiday Sparkle” provides the right atmosphere. Of course, the four great fragrances are also suitable as a Christmas present for your loved ones.



Winter Wonder is a wintry blend of champagne, lemon, vanilla and resin. The scent reminds of a dreamy winter landscape and creates a cozy atmosphere. I personally love vanilla anyway and in this combination, the scents complement each other very harmoniously. The small jar has a burning time of 25-40 hours.



Glittering Star by Yankee Candle combines sandalwood with plum and ginger. A gentle and sweet fruity scent combined with the pleasant scent of sandalwood fill the room. This fragrance is my personal favorite from the collection because I love fruity scented candles. The medium Jar has a burning time of 65-90 hours.



Do you like gingerbread? Then you’ll like Frosty Gingerbread by Yankee Candle. The scent of
freshly decorated gingerbread – a Christmas tradition that fills every room with warmth. My home is smelling like a Christmas bakery. Icy Blue Spruce smells like a fresh breath from the winter forest – after juniper berries, blue fir and mint leaves. He spreads Christmas spirit and ambience pure. The wax cake is used in place of water and fragrance oil in the fragrance lamp.


Nicely arranged on a plate, the Yankee Candles are also suitable as a gift or in arrangement as a fragrant Christmas decoration.









Bis vor kurzem hatte ich tagtäglich mit Nackenschmerzen und Schulterverspannungen zu kämpfen. Der Grund ist meine schlechte Haltung tagsüber – ich arbeite den ganzen Tag am PC und nehme sehr schnell eine gekrümmte Haltung ein. Aber eine gerade, gesunde Körperhaltung ist nicht nur beim Sport, sondern auch im Alltag wichtig – und dies in jedem Alter. Die gesunde Haltung hilft nämlich auch Verspannungen bei langem Sitzen vorzubeugen. Umso mehr war ich gespannt auf die haltungskorrigierende Kleidung von Anodyne.



Die haltungskorrigierende Kleidung gibt es sowohl für Frauen als auch für Männer. Ich habe mich für den AlignMe InterActive Bra und das Women’s Posture Shirt 2.0 entschieden. Posture Shirt, InterActive Bras und andere Kleidungsstücke basieren auf der Idee von kinesiologischen Tapes, die die Muskulatur anregen, die Durchblutung fördern und dabei helfen können, mühelos eine gesunde Haltung einzunehmen. Die haltungskorrigierende Kleidung:


  • Animiert die Muskulatur zu einer geraden, ausbalancierten Haltung
  • Stimuliert Muskelgruppen, die sonst nicht aktiviert werden
  • Verbessert das Muskelgedächtnis
  • Fördert die Durchblutung



Dies zur Theorie – geeignet ist die haltungskorrigierende Kleidung übrigens für jeden – falls Rückenprobleme bestehen sollte jedoch mit einem Physiotherapeuten Rücksprache nehmen. Wichtig ist sodann, dass man die richtige Grösse auswählt – dazu hat es eine praktische Tabelle auf der Website von Anodyne. Zudem gibt es ein 14 tägiges Umtauschrecht falls die Grösse doch nicht passen sollte. Während  14 Tagen kann man das Produkt zudem testen und sollte man vom Effekt nicht überzeugt sein, bekommt man den vollen Kaufbetrag zurückerstattet.



Mit dem Anziehen sowohl des AlignMe InterActive Bra als auch des Women’s Posture Shirt 2.0 hatte ich keine Probleme. Es ist fast wie ein normaler Bra bzw. ein normales Shirt anzuziehen. Zu Beginn ist es beim Tragen etwas ungewohnt. Ich habe auch deutlich gespürt, dass meine Haltung korrigiert wird – es war aber nie unangenehm. Besonders praktisch finde ich den Bra, da er sich unter jeglicher Kleidung unsichtbar tragen lässt. Das Shirt trage ich zuhause und zum Sport einfach so – ohne etwas darüber anzuziehen.



Sowohl auf Reisen als auch zuhause neige ich dazu an ungewöhnlichen Orten zu arbeiten, welche für eine gute Haltung natürlich geradezu kontraproduktiv sind. Mit der haltungskorrigierenden Kleidung habe ich sodann auch bereits beim 1. Mal tragen positive Veränderungen bemerkt und war weniger verspannt. Umgekehrt merke ich mittlerweile einen negativen Unterschied wenn ich weder Bra noch Shirt trage.


Falls ihr euch gerne selbst von der Wirkung überzeugen möchtet findet ihr die haltungskorrigierende Kleidung auf www.anodyne-shop.ch.





Dies wäre natürlich nicht der grosse Adventskalender, wenn nicht einer von euch die Möglichkeit hätte eines der haltungskorrigierenden Shirts zu gewinnen. Zu gewinnen gibt es ein Shirt von Anodyne, die Gewinnerin bzw. der Gewinner wird ein Shirt in der passenden Grösse erhalten.








Ich wünsche dir viel Glück!



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Teilnahmebedingungen: Teilnahmeberechtigt sind alle Personen mit Wohnsitz in der Schweiz, welche das 18. Altersjahr vollendet haben. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Über den Wettbewerb wird keine Korrespondenz geführt. Der Gewinn ist nicht übertragbar. Die Barauszahlung ist ausgeschlossen. Der Wettbewerbsveranstalter ist berechtigt, Teilnehmende mit Pseudonym oder einer gefälschten Identität vom Wettbewerb auszuschliessen. Mehrfachteilnahme ist nicht gestattet  und führt zum Ausschluss.


Jedes Türchen des Adventskalenders steht für drei Tage zur Teilnahme offen – jeweils von 00:00 bis 24:00 Uhr. Teilnahme bis zum 20. Dezember 2018 um 23.59 Uhr. Die Gewinner werden persönlich per E-Mail kontaktiert. Die Ziehung des jeweiligen Gewinners erfolgt im Zufallsprinzip.


Die Teilnahme erfolgt ausschliesslich mittels Onlineteilnahmeformular unter www.thechicadvocate.com/adventskalender.



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