Last-Minute Geschenke Guide für Valentinstag

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“Love is in the air”


Valentine’s Day is truly just around the corner but you’re still missing a great gift idea? Then I’m sure I’ve got some inspiration for classy gifts for your sweetheart.


Candles from Trudon



The traditional French company Trudon has been selling candles since 1643. From 1702, Trudon produced its own candles in the manufactory. The heritage is incomparable and so are the candles by Trudon. The noble scented candles in unique designs are an absolute highlight in every home. The exclusive candles with their magnificent design are the perfect gift for a romantic Valentine’s Day, whether at a candlelight dinner or in the bathtub.


Clarins Lip Comfort Oil



Clarins Lip Comfort Oil ensures soft lips and gentle kisses – not only on Valentine’s Day. The improved formula contains 93% ingredients of natural origin. 30% of these are intensely nourishing plant oils – organic jojoba oil, hazelnut oil and organic grape rose oil, the new star among our plant extracts. It nourishes the skin while helping to strengthen its barrier function, protecting it from negative environmental influences. With its cocktail of unique oils, Lip Comfort Oil moisturises, nourishes, protects and conditions lips. They are instantly supple, soothed and hydrated. And what’s more, Clarin Lip Comfort Oils add soft colour. They are available in 8 shades.


A bouquet of red roses



Admittedly, red roses are probably the ultimate Valentine’s Day classic. So you really can’t go wrong with them. After all, red roses symbolise love and passion. A small romantic gesture with a big impact.


Perfumes by Lengling Munich



On Valentine’s Day, you give a special person something special. That’s why the fine fragrances from Lengling Munich belong in my last-minute gift guide for Valentine’s Day. The exquisite fragrances in aesthetically pleasing flacons have names ranging from no 1 to 9. In addition to perfumes, Lengling Munich also offers matching hair fragrances and wonderful body care. One of my favourite fragrances is in between – you can read more about it here.


Now I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.