Make up News of Clarins Summer 2018

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It’s time again for some great novelties, this time I introduce you to the make-up news of Clarins. Because there are many pretty new products to discover.


Clarins Eau à Lèvres


The new Clarins Eau à Lèvres consist to 77% of water. They also feel very light on the lips and do not stick. Applying it with the small integrated brush is super easy. The Clarins Eau à Lèvres can also be combined as a base or top coat with other lip products. For a very intense result simply combine with the Joli Rouge lipsticks. Used under the Huile Confort Lèvres by Clarins, gives a toned effect with an ultra-glossy finish. Incidentally, the Eau à Lèvres also smell wonderfully fruity and sweet. When I just checked in on the online shop, I realized that the Eau à Lèvres were already partially sold out – so hurry up.


Clarins Catch’LightStickRosy Glow


The Clarins Catch’Light Stick Rosy Glow is a highlighter pen. It’s from the White Flower Limited Edition and smells like the hand cream’s – which I have already briefly introduced to you on Instagram – wonderfully flowery fresh of neroli. The color is pink-golden and is wonderful for applying the strobing technique, I apply the Clarins Catch’Light Stick Rosy Glow after the primer on the light points of the face and blend gently for a natural look. The stick is also great to take away.

 Clarins Les Pinceaux

The new Clarins Les Pinceaux brushes impressed me with the high quality, you can see this at first glance. The brushes are made of extremely soft synthetic fibers and therefore feel incredibly pleasant on the skin. The handles are made of quality wood, which feels extremely smooth. Due to the metallic transition, the brushes look very high quality. There are six different new brushes for specific applications:


  • The powder brush: With him can be, for example spread loose powder lightly all over the face.
  • The rouge brush: Slightly bevelled and distributed the rouge very natural.
  • The Multi-Use Foundation Brush: It has thinner brush hairs at the top than at the beginning.
  • The foundation brush: His brush hairs are very dense but still very gentle. The foundation is easy to get used to.
  • The eye shadow brush: It has a short rounded tip, so that the eyeshadow can be applied precisely.
  • The veneer brush: This blinds the eye shadow, it is also suitable for the general application of eye shadow on the immovable lid.


Multi-Use Foundation Pinsel


Here you can see the Multi-Use Foundation Brush from a short distance. The shorter hairs at the top make it easy to apply all sorts of fluid, cream and powder foundations and concealers without creating a masking effect. Really beautiful, functional and high quality brushes by Clarins. I can really urge you to invest in good brush. These last a lot longer and also make you happy with make-up. Of course, I also washed these brushes for the test and they could handle it without losing any hair.


SOS Primer Clarins Bronze


Some time ago, I already introduced you to the new SOS Primers from Clarins. These have now been summerly in the form of the SOS primer 06 bronze. The primer is applied under the make-up and thus extends the durability. He also conjures a light tan in the face. The formulation is oil-free. The Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.


Review: Clarins SOS primer and make-up in spring colors



Clarins Poudre Soleil


The Clarins Poudre Soleil brings me in summer mood too – is it not just beautiful? I’m sure that the packaging certainly makes all packaging lovers happy.


Clarins Poudre Soleil


In the end, of course, the inner values ​​count or not? Various shades of brown provide a natural result when applied. I love to wear it with the new Clarins Powder Brush right after the foundation. Then another highlighter with the stick and Voilà.


How do you like the novelties? Have you already tried them yourself?



  1. Friday June 8th, 2018 / 11:14 AM

    Die Pinsel finde ich super ansprechend und werde die mir mal genauer ansehen.
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!

    • Tuesday June 19th, 2018 / 12:06 AM

      Freut mich 🙂 Dir auch Liebes

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