How to use Posters & pictures for a more stylish home


I love to furnish and decorate my home. A wonderful and at the same time not expensive way to remodel your own four walls and give them a new touch are post and pictures. Depending on my mood I exchange them regularly to bring a fresh breeze into my interior.



Poster walls like from my teenage days are of course passé – nowadays I frame my posters into pretty picture frames and arrange them in a suitable place. In my living room I have chosen a combination of illustration and an inspiring quote from Mark Twain. Framed in gold and placed next to each other on the same height, they give the room its own character in a modern way.



Framed posters and paintings now decorate my entire home – I am a big fan of graphic art, fashion prints and slogans as you can easily see. But pictures don’t always have to find their place on a wall in a classical way. They can also be put in scene in other creative ways. So I decided to put my COCO poster on the floor behind the bed. While the other poster found its home on an easel.


There are endless creative possibilities for the arrangement and presentation of pictures and framed posters. If you like variety, you should also think about mounting a picture rail, because this way pictures in different sizes and styles can be easily exchanged again and again and adapted to the season, for example – without having to fix new nails and co. in the wall again.


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