Tailor-made basics for autumn: Design your own shirt & denim with Sumissura




As a fashion blogger, it is crucial for me to express my personal style and wear unique garments that fit me perfectly. And that’s exactly why I chose custom-made garments from Sumissura.


Designing tailored jeans



Nothing can replace the perfect fit of a pair of tailored jeans. First of all, I was impressed by the variety of high-quality denim fabrics I could choose from. Not only could I choose the colour, but also the wash and stretch content. This allowed me to customise my jeans exactly to my liking.


However, the real highlight was the online 3D jeans designer. Details like the fit, the zipper, the pockets and much more can be personalised. And don’t worry if you’re unsure about your measurements. Sumissura provides step-by-step instructions on how to take your measurements quickly and easily.



After placing my order, I couldn’t wait to hold my customised jeans from Sumissura in my hands. And when they finally arrived, I was thrilled!

The jeans fit perfectly and were exactly as I had imagined. The quality of the denim fabric and the craftsmanship are absolutely superb. I feel incredibly confident in my tailored jeans.


Designing the perfect shirt



As well as my bespoke jeans, I also had the opportunity to design my own bespoke shirt at Sumissura. Shirts are an essential part of my autumn wardrobe for me, a plain white basic shirt is wonderful to mix and match. The design process starts with choosing the textile fabric that suits you best. The choice ranges from classic cottons to elegant linen.



Using Sumissura’s online 3D shirt designer, I was able to customise the cut and details of my shirt according to my personal preferences. This included things like the collar style, the cuffs and the buttons. The shirt fit perfectly and reflected my exact desired style. The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship are top notch and I couldn’t wait to wear my new shirt in different outfits.


If you are looking for bespoke clothing that suits your style and fit, I can recommend Sumissura. The process of designing and fitting is so user-friendly that you can fully explore your creativity.


I am convinced that Sumissura’s customised fashion is a great way to take your individual style to the next level.


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