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Nars Shiseido


Shiseido has reinvented his make-up collection and I’ve tested many of the new products for you. Also at NARS there were new things to discover, namely the new single and Duo Eyeshadows. Of course, I’ve also swatched all the products.


Lippenstift Shiseido


Let’s start with the new lipsticks from Shiseido. The whole collection is stylish in red and black and reminds of the country of origin of the brand – Japan. The ModernMatte Powder Lipstick by Shiseido is a creamy lipstick with a matte finish. The tip has different edges and so the lipstick can be applied precisely even without a brush.



Another novelty is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick. A gel lipstick with a light texture and intense color. He can be applied super well and the color is not only highly pigmented – it also holds well. In the middle you can see the two Swatches – 222 Ginzia Red VisionAiry Gel Lipstick and 502 Whisper ModernMatte Powder Lipstick. There are of course many more colors available 24 of the ModernMatte Powder Lipstick and 28 colors of the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick by Shiseido.



The new Shiseido collection also includes the ultimate foundation brush. The DAIYA FUDE Face Duo not only has a standard brush head, but also a silicone applicator as a gel blender. Liquid, Cream, Powder and Cushion Foundation can be applied with this duo easily. Since I usually use liquid foundation, I apply this with the brush head and use the silicone applicator instead of the finger to further blind. A really practical brush.


shiseido makeup


These products are also very stylish and they add a certain glow or a fresh touch to your face. The InnerGlow CheekPowder in color 06 Alpen Glow is a blush with a light peach color touch and therefore looks very natural. The color is again very well pigmented, you can see it in the 1st Swatch below. Apply the powder rouge with a rouge brush. The textures of the following two products have convinced me too.



The new Shiseido Aura Drew is a highlighter – I was allowed to try it in the color Solar 02. I love the packaging – and it fits wonderfully with the creamy-powdery consistency of the Aura Drew. I use it mostly as a highlighter for the face. He can also be used for highlights on eyes and lips. The Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush has a light, mousse-like consistency and is easy to apply and blend with your fingers. You see the color on the 3rd swatch above, this is the color Ayao 05.


shiseido makeup


Now to the products for a dramatic moment. Let’s start with the new ImperialLash MascaraInk Mascara by Shiseido in the color 01 Sumi Black. The hairs of the mascara brush are staggered and thus pick up exactly the right amount of mascara. The crown-like tip is used to capture small hairs in the corner of the eye. The mascara is jet black and easy to apply. There are no lumps. It keeps very well and is smudge-proof.



An amazing novelty is the ArchLiner Ink by Shiseido. Because it has a novel ergonomic shape that is easy to handle and provides a clear view while using it. Neither hand nor pen thus disturb the viewing angle when applied – in contrast to conventional eyeliners. The tip is very fine and allows an accurate application. The eyeliner dries super fast and lasts very well – up to 24 hours. Another novelty is the Kajal InkArtist Shadow, Liner, Brow Pen by Shiseido – as the name suggests, it can be used as a kohl liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow and brow pencil. Some of you may have noticed the trend of colored eyebrows – this pen is very versatile and can be used for this as well. It contains at the rear end a special applicator for the different areas of application. The consistency is creamy and can be applied well. I like to use it as a kohl and eyeliner.


shiseido Essentialist Eye Palette


Now to the last two novelties of Shiseido, which I would like to introduce to you today. The NANAME FUDE Multi Eye Brush is an eyeshadow brush. I like the design very well and the brush fits well in the hand. The Essentialist Eye Palette in the color MIYUKI STREET NUDES by Shiseido has proved to be my favorite palette for everyday life.




The colors are very well matched and can blend in together well. There are three matte shades and a glittery one. The colors of the eyeshadow palette are very well pigmented and easy to apply.




Now to the eye shadow novelties of NARS. The DUO EYESHADOW is now available in many new colors. I was allowed to test two of the new DUO’s. Duo number one is called Kuala Lumpur and contains the colors Kuala Lumpur I and II. In particular, the beautiful Shimmer makes this duo special. I simply love the eyeshadow of NARS.




You can see the swatches of Duo’s Kuala Lumpur above. The Swatches 3 and 4 belong to the DUO EYESHADOW in the colors Cordura I and II. Two beautiful shades in copper and brown – with a beautiful shimmer too.




The NARS SINGLE EYESHADOW are also available in many new colors. They are available in different finishes from bright and light reflecting to full and ultra matt. Also, the SINGLE EYESHADOW can be applied as eyeshadow and eyeliner, in dry and wet condition. Micronized powders make the eyeshadow comfortable to wear, which, thanks to its consistency, is easy to apply and blend, and lasts for a long time without settling in fine wrinkles




Incidentally, the eyeshadows can also be super-deposed easily and can be used, for example. put together in DUO or QUAD pallets I was allowed to try 10 of the new colors and have them swatched for you. Here is the list of colors as above:



On the swatches you can also see the variety of finishes:

– Matt: ultra-textured textures without high-color shimmer particles
– Shimmering: rich, soft colors with a subtle shine
– Pearl-like: silky, light-reflecting colors for targeted accents
– Metallic: strong shimmering formulations for a dramatic look
– Glittering: rich, vibrant colors with a radiant finish


How do you like the new make-up collection by Shiseido? And how do you like the new eye shadow creations from NARS?




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