My daily skincare routine with the FOREO LUNA 3




I have been using the FOREO LUNA Mini 2 for years for effective facial cleansing. Now I have upgraded to the latest FOREO LUNA 3, which for the first time combines even gentler and more effective cleansing with a variety of targeted, firming massage routines for the face. Today I would like to tell you more about my care routine with the FOREO LUNA 3 and explain how to use it.




The FOREO LUNA 3 is available in three different versions and as a model for men. The differentiation is made according to skin type: normal skin, combination skin or sensitive skin. Because every skin type has needs that should be taken into account.


  • Sensitive skin: dry skin, redness or tension, pimples, small wrinkles.
  • Normal skin: Small pores, skin impurities
  • Combination skin: Large pores, blackheads, acne, shiny areas and dry areas.


Because of my combination skin, I therefore tested the FOREO LUNA 3 for Combination Skin.


Personalised face cleansing



First, I registered my FOREO LUNA 3 with the FOREO APP. Then I first selected the favourite strength of the T-Sonic pulsations for facial cleansing. The setting is automatically synchronised with the LUNA 3 and the facial cleansing can then be used with the selected strength in the future even without the app. Therefore, using the app is theoretically only necessary the first time. Then you can start with the facial cleansing.


  • Moisten the face, apply your favourite cleanser or FOREO Micro Foam Cleanser to the LUNA 3 and press the start button twice.


  • Glide the silicone nubs of the LUNA 3 over your face in circular movements until the integrated timer switches it off.


  • Rinse off LUNA 3 and pat dry. Now the skin is optimally cleansed and ready for further skin care.


After a short time, I noticed and saw that my skin is much cleaner than without using the FOREO LUNA 3. It is also particularly great that I can continue to use my favourite cleanser. In addition, cleaning the LUNA 3 itself is quick and easy under running water.



By the way, thanks to 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute that penetrate the skin to remove dirt, oil, make-up residue, skin flakes and more, the skin is cleaned in depth. With 16 different power levels, the LUNA 3’s sonic intensity can be customised. You can perform 650 applications with a single charge.


Individual massage routines


In addition to cleaning, the FOREO LUNA 3 has another great function: individual massage routines can be carried out with the back of the FOREO LUNA 3. Here you can choose between four variants for different facial areas as well as neck and décolleté with the FOREO APP:



The selected massage mode synchronises with the FOREO LUNA 3 and then starts automatically. Depending on the selected facial area, the T-Sonic pulsations work at a lower frequency and are specifically adjusted in intensity and duration. In addition, the video that is played demonstrates exactly which movements you should make for the corresponding massage.



I will also perform the massages again and again as a small home spa experience. This is because the T-Sonic pulsations gently massage the skin and promote blood circulation, which reduces the visible signs of skin ageing. It is also possible to work on, tighten and define targeted areas such as crow’s feet or smile lines. To make the massage even more effective, I use the FOREO SERUM SERUM.


I was absolutely thrilled with the FOREO LUNA 3, which is available at