News: Guerlain – Advanced Youth Watery Oil




Guerlain is one of my absolute favorite brands, the products are unique in mode of action, ingredients and texture. The more excited I am now by the new Advanced Youth Watery Oil from Guerlain. The Advanced Youth Watery Oil is the result of over 10 years of research into the repairing effects of honey.



The highly effective concentrate offers the skin a ninefold faster repair effect. In just 8 hrs, skin recovers and appears visibly plumped, smoother and more radiant. Two drops on cleansed skin is all it takes. The Advanced Youth Watery Oil consists of a liquid base and contains golden oil pearls, which melt onto the skin when applied. The texture is absolutely unique and luxurious. I apply it directly to the skin each time.

The formulation provides a unique texture that combines the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. Contains 95% ingredients of natural origin. The integrated Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology combines the most effective bee products from Guerlain’s research: the exceptional honey of black bees from the island of Ouessant (Brittany, France), enriched with honey from 3 other protected islands (Corsica, Ikaria, Åland) and an exclusive royal jelly.

I would not want to miss the Advanced Youth Watery Oil by Guerlain in my skincare routine and have not encountered a comparable product so far. An absolute recommendation. By the way, you can find more about my routine with Guerlain here.