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Recently I took part at the event of Sisley in Zurich, where the new products were presented and I was allowed to make up with them immediately. Already there it became apparent that the new Sisley Mascara So Volume could become my new favorite Masara. I also tested the l’orchidée blush highlighter in the new color Corail. Ready for testing was then the instant Eclat primer from Sisley.


Sisley – So Volume Mascara


Sisley So Volume Mascara


You are looking for a nourishing mascara that gives you volume? Then the So Volume Mascara by Sisley could become your favorite too. So Volume Mascara’s formula improves eyelash density with vitamin-containing peptide, cotton proteins and a ceramide-like active ingredient. The eyelashes are thus denser, stronger, longer and more resistant with each application. The growth of eyelashes is stimulated with arginine and its beauty by pro-vitamin B5, extract of Japanese cherry blossoms and castor oil. The fact that the formula of mascara has a lot of care to offer, I can already feel when applying clearly on the creamy consistency and ease on the eyelashes.


Sisley So Volume Mascara


I also really like the brush – as you may know, I prefer “normal” brushes. The brush separates the eyelashes nicely when applied and envelops each eyelash with color – without sticking to it. For the perfect result, first apply the mascara in the middle of the eye to open the view. Then apply the brush to the base of the upper lash line, then spread the texture by turning the brush upwards to the tips. To separate the eyelashes perfectly, it is important to first drive on the outer corner of the eye and then return to the eyelashes of the inner corner of the eye. The mascara can be applied in 2-3 coats for an even more intense result.


By the way, the So Volume Mascara is available in the colors Deep Black / Deep Blue and Deep Brown


I love it.


Sisley – l’orchidée Blush-Highlighter Corail


Sisley L'orchidee Corail


To be honest, the Sisley l’orchidée blush highlighters are an absolute must-have for me. Maybe even the most beautiful blushes on the beauty market right now. The orchid as an embossing is simply breathtakingly beautiful and brings me so much joy and this only when I open the blush. This spring / summer, there is also a new shade of color available called Corail. A beautiful coral perfect for spring and summer. The luxurious blush highlighter contains the extract of white lily.


I like to use it as a blush on the cheekbones. At the event, I also received the following tip from the Sisley Makeup Artist: For a fresh, radiant look you can work the l’orchidée Blush-Highlighter Corail into the eyelid fold to open the view. I love this little trick, so give it a try.


Sisley – Instant Éclat Primer


Sisley Instant Eclat Primer


Somewhat longer in the range of Sisley is the Instant Éclat Primer. Time for me to finally test it. I use the primer on the whole face underneath the foundation. The Instant Éclat Primer instantly radiates the skin, reduces shadow areas and signs of tiredness. The skin looks smoother and even without glittering. Instant Éclat contains a cocktail of 4 active ingredients with complementary action. The contained kiwi extract improves the energy and vitality of the skin. Holly extract has a strengthening effect. The funnel algae extract cushions the skin by strengthening the skin’s own “water cushion”. Then vegetable glycerin moisturizes.


Sisley Instant Eclat Primer


The texture of Instant Éclat is non-greasy and therefore also suitable for oily skin like mine. I especially like that after applying the foundation can be applied immediately on it. Especially with matt foundation the Instant Éclat Primer helps to achieve a very natural result. The durability is extended. If you have oily skin, I recommend you to abstain from using any other moisturizer and to apply only the Instant Éclat after your serum in the morning so that the make-up lasts the whole day.




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      It is absolutely

  1. Wednesday March 6th, 2019 / 03:41 PM

    Der Blusher sieht ja toll aus!
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 12:56 AM

      Ja er ist so traumhaft schön 😀

  2. Thursday March 7th, 2019 / 05:13 PM

    Der Mascara in “Deep Blue” klingt vielversprechend! Ich finde, schwarz steht fast allen Frauen, aber andere, dunkle Farbtöne können je nach Augenfarbe auch sehr gut wirken! Cristina

    • Saturday March 9th, 2019 / 12:56 AM

      Ja da hast du Recht 🙂

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