Hair Rituel by Sisley – My Haircare Routine

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We all want healthy and radiant hair. However, both colouring and styling, can quickly damage the hair, so good hair care products are extremely important. I discovered the Sisley Hair Rituel by Sisley hair care line for me in particular. In addition to care products, this line also includes conditioning styling products.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Shampoo & Conditioner


Hair rituel by sisley haarshampoo


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with Camellia Oil


Step 1 of my haircarer routine with Hairrituel by Sisley is the Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with Camellia Oil. The sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses the hair and provides the scalp and hair lengths with vitamins and minerals. The lather is soft and you don’t need much shampoo to achieve the desired effect, but it is important that you massage the shampoo well into the hair and scalp. As I have very fine hair, it is very important to me that the shampoo does not weigh down the hair and that the Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo provides the necessary lightness.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Restructuring Conditioner with Cotton Proteins


After shampooing there is extra care with the Restructuring Conditioner with Cotton Proteins. The conditioner makes untangling my long hair quick and easy. It smoothes the hair structure, increases shine and resistance. Cotton Proteins restore the protein structure of the hair, while Ceramide-analogue active ingredients fill in breaks and restore the lipid structure of the hair fibre and the cell structure of the cuticle. After shampooing, apply the conditioner in lengths and leave to work for 2 – 3 minutes. The hair can be easily combed out after application and gets a great shine, even if you do not use any other products afterwards.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Hair Masks


hair rituel Haarmaske Sisley


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask with white Clay


Since I had problems with a fast greasing approach, I was enthusiastic about the Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask with white clay from day 1. The mask provides a real hair “reset” by removing dirt particles and impurities from the scalp and hair lengths. The scalp is soothed and irritations are reduced. The hair mask is applied parting by parting to the scalp before shampooing and must be left on for 10 minutes. Then wash out with shampoo.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Regenerating Hair Mask


My hair, which was damaged by bleaching, has already recovered well thanks to the Regenerating Hair Mask by Hairrituel. The Hair Mask regenerates scalp and hair lengths lastingly. It contains plant extracts, proteins, vitamins and minerals which vitalize the hair root and strengthen the elasticity of stressed hair from the root. Caritié, macadamia, camellia and hazelnut oil intensively smooth the hair fibre and provide it with optimal nutrients – as a result the hair shines visibly healthy after application. The mask is applied to washed hair from the roots to the length of the hair. You should also massage the mask into the scalp. Then leave on for 10 minutes and rinse out.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Serum



Hair Rituel by Sisley – Revitalizing Fortifying Serum


We have all certainly been using a serum for our face for years, but do you also use a serum for your hair? The Revitalizing Fortifying Serum from Hairrituel by Sisley strengthens the hair from the root. This is a professional scalp treatment that promotes the growth of thicker and denser hair. The serum also instantly relieves irritation and uncomfortable scalp tension and gives the hair volume and elasticity. Especially in the cooler seasons, hair loss and imbalance can occur more quickly. For application, I distribute 3 pipettes between divided areas of dry or damp hair on the scalp, especially where hair loss occurs. Then massage the serum with the fingertips. Use as an intensive treatment every 2 days for a month, then twice a week for regular care for 2 months. So far I am very satisfied with the result and will continue to use it.


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Styling



Hair Rituel by Sisley – Volumizing Spray


Now it’s time to introduce you to my favorite styling product from Hairrituel by Sisley, the Volumizing Spray. Also here care is very important. The Volumizing Spray strengthens the hair with its high-quality ingredients immediately from the root and gives it structure and density for long-lasting volume. The delicate fragrance subtly perfumes the hair. Before blow-drying, I apply the spray to the hair from a distance of about 20 cm and then start styling as usual. I especially like the natural feeling


Hair Rituel by Sisley – Precious Hair Care Oil


Especially with dry tips, a good hair oil should not be missing in your hair care routine. Precious Hair Care Oil supplies the hair with nutrients and gives it radiance and suppleness. A combination of passion fruit, shea butter, cotton and moringa oil restructures hair lengths. The hair is surrounded by the caring oil like a film of light. Very important for me is the light texture, which does not weigh down the hair.

What about your hair care routine?


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