The perfect Italy Initiary – A road trip form Venice to Cinque Terre


For me it had the perfect road trip this summer, because of the uncertain situation I decided to visit only one of our neighbour countries. Then in Italy there are so many beautiful spots to discover. Anyway, you already agreed with me, on Instagram I could already inspire you for the most beautiful places. This blog post should give you an overview of my summer road trip 2020 and inspire you to discover Italy. Today I take you to Venice, Tuscany and Cinque Terre.


Venice – the city of love



Venice is really a unique city and always worth a visit. This year I was there for the 4th time and discovered new Bijous. First of all it is the countless bridges and waterways that give Venice its charm, but also the magnificent buildings. There are some places in Venice you should not miss, above all of course the famous St. Mark’s Square as well as a trip in the Gondola and the Rialto Bridge.



Another highlight can be found near the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs. The Bridge of Sighs is named after the prisoners who were brought to the prison by the bridge and gave their last sigh in freedom.



In Venice you can also find Pizza & Pasta, unique hotels and much more. You can find my tips and a summary of the most beautiful places in my Venice Travel Guide.


Florence for art lovers


Firenze Florenz


The next stop on our road trip was Florence, the city of the arts. This was my first visit to the art capital of Tuscany, many of my friends raved about this jewel before and I was not disappointed either. This beautiful view over the city can be found at Piazzale Michelangelo, which can be reached by car, bus or on foot. We climbed up the countless steps.



Probably the most famous sight is the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, this magnificent building is decorated with countless details, a real masterpiece of architecture. If you then walk along the banks of the river Arno like I did, you will also discover the Ponte Vecchio – another landmark of Florence. In this bridge there are still small shops. Are you looking for exceptional accommodation, culinary delights and more? Then read up on my Florence city guide for your stay.


Toscana Countryside



The territory of Tuscany is particularly famous for its picturesque landscapes. These can of course be found away from the cities in the countryside. Besides countless flower fields with sunflowers and co. farms and cultivated fields determine the landscape. Wine lovers get their money’s worth in the wine growing areas. Visit Siena and Arezzo for the ultimate Tuscany feeling.



For overnight stays we recommend an agriturismo farm, which like a hotel often offers pools, its own restaurants and more. Moreover, there is an incomparable Tuscany feeling. Also the cuisine in the country convinces with local delicacies.


Terme di Saturnia – Cascate del Mulino



Absolutely unique and beautiful are the springs of the Cascate del Mulino, which are located in the middle of Tuscany. Through innumerable winding roads one finally reaches this enchanting place. The village of Saturnia is located about 100 kilometres south of Florence and is world famous for its thermal springs. At the Gorello waterfalls the sulphurous water gushes out of the rocks at a temperature of 37 degrees and then flows into large, naturally shaped pools. You can swim here at any time of day or night, parking spaces are available. I recommend you take an old swimming costume with you, because the smell of sulphur will not get you out. I was there early in the morning at about 6 o’clock to watch the sunrise.


Pisa and the leaning tower



Also not for the first time I visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, because 4 years ago I was already here, but then with many more tourists. A short history of the tower: The tower was actually meant to be a freestanding bell tower of the cathedral in Pisa, but 12 years after the laying of the foundation stone, the stump of the tower started to incline towards the south-east. The reason for its inclination, however, lies in the subsoil of clayey mud and sand, which has deformed under the weight. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is probably straight, because of its location world-famous.



Next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the magnificent Cathedral of Pisa and the Baptistery. The tower can also be visited from the inside, but as it was quite warm and there was a compulsory mask, I decided not to visit it. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to stop in Pisa to see these beautiful buildings live and to get some memories.


Cinque Terre – the five colorful villages in Italy


Riomaggiore Cinque Terre


On social media this year, the pictures from Cinque Terre dominated in my feed. Because these five villages by the sea are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage and are absolutely unique you need to visit them. In just two days I discovered all five villages by train and by foot: it was love at first sight. For me personally, Vernazza is the most beautiful of the five villages, but you should not miss Riomaggiore with its characteristic red house.



Each one of the villages has its own charm. In Manarola, for example, you can enjoy the view of the sea at the Nessum Dorma restaurant. Monterosso al Mare is perfect for a beach day. And Vernazza invites you to stroll and hike. Corniglia is the village furthest away and towers high above the sea.



The visit of Cinque Terre was the perfect end of an exciting and versatile road trip through our neighbouring country Italy, we were on the road for about 10 days. If you are looking for more tips and suggestions for your visit to Cinque Terre, you will certainly find them in my travel guide.



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