Moving checklist and tips


After 10 years in my old apartment, it was time for me to embark on new adventures. Our first shared apartment was waiting for us and I’m really looking forward to finally living together. The move in corona lockdown not only brought us the usual complications, it also made the move particularly difficult. In addition, as I said, I lived in my old apartment for 10 years and a lot has accumulated, especially in the attic.


In order to share my experiences with you, I create a moving checklist for you, on what you should definitely pay attention. Because it’s easy to forget something. By the way, we moved alone with the help of our colleagues and a rented truck from a colleague – because everything else was, as you know, closed. But now that everything’s open again, you can use a short or long distance moving company to transport your goods. The furniture stores were also closed accordingly. Ordering online was the magic word, so we were never able to actually inspect the new furniture in our apartment, including sofa and Co., but were surprised at the delivery. Since hardware stores were also closed, we couldn’t just go and buy moving boxes. However, my mom drove around halfway through town for us and found banana boxes in grocery stores. These are of course also a great low-budget idea.




Then it was said in advance that the woman is herself – at least when assembling our new chests of drawers for the dressing room. Fortunately, we were able to put our two PAX cabinets together and therefore only needed a few pieces of furniture as an addition.


But now we come to the promised moving checklist, I hope it is helpful for you: