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Sisley Herbst Winter 2019


Sisley is one of my absolute favorite brands as you know. Today I would like to introduce you some great news of Sisley. Of course there are again some wonderful new product innovations.


Sisley Radiance Foaming Cream



One of my new must-have products is clearly the Radiance Foaming Cream by Sisley. It combines intensive cleansing with gentle care power and removes make-up residues, impurities, dirt particles, sebum and dead cells in one application. To care for the skin contains the peony extract. Grapefruit extract smoothes the complexion. Overall, the appearance of the skin is clearer. When applied, the foam is beautifully creamy and can be distributed so wonderful. The best thing about Sisley’s Radiance Foaming Cream, however, is that the skin does not feel dry and tense after cleaning, but wonderful.


Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask


Sisley Overnight Safran Maske


I travel a lot and do usually not have much time for beauty stuff, so I love the Velvet Sleeping Mask by Sisley, because it provides intensive care overnight. Instead of my night cream, I simply wear the Velvet Sleeping Mask. With its soothing and regenerating effect, it helps dry skin to fill the energy stores during the night. With the help of the Velvet Sleeping Mask, the skin can devote itself wonderfully to its regeneration. In the morning, the skin is recovered, vitalized and thus strengthened and resistant. The skin is getting supplied with moisture and nutrients overnight. The extract of saffron flowers soothes dry skin and makes it appear supple in the morning. If your skin is irritated, the mask also provides the first aid: Within only 10 minutes, the skin feels repaired.


Sisley Restorative Hand Creme


Sisley Restorativ Hand Creme


Important in winter is to choose the right hand cream, because the cold winter days are making the skin dry. The Sisley Restorative Hand Cream offers a combination of intense moisture as well as nutrient-rich cream and care for beautiful and resistant nails. A hydrating active ingredient duo, composed of a biosaccharide solution and a sugar molecule derived from plants, permanently binds and stores water – this ensures the storage of moisture in the skin. The contained horse chestnut extract supports the barrier function of the skin so that the water supplies in the epidermis maintain their required level. An anti-freeze / active ingredient developed on the basis of scientific research in the Antarctic perfectly rounds off the skin’s moisture supply in sub-zero temperatures. I particularly like the feeling when applying and the powdery finish, which feels neither sticky nor oily.


Hair rituel by Sisley Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask


Sisley Hairrituel


Not only am I blessed with oily skin, but also with oily hair – so proper care products are super important to me. My latest discovery is the Hair ritual by Sisley Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask. Because the Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask ensures a veritable hair “reset” by the scalp and hair lengths of dirt particles and impurities are freed. The mask soothes the scalp and relieves irritation. A fresh scent based on natural active ingredients support the effect. The mask acts as blotting paper and binds so impurities and deposits. I love the light and well-groomed feeling after the application.

I hope I could give you an insight into the great new products from Sisley 🙂


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