Lush Christmas Collection 2021

contains PR samples



Christmas is coming soon and this year I was able to test the great Lush Christmas collection for you in advance. Today I would like to introduce you to my must-haves from this year’s collection.


Lush – Polar Bear Soap



First of all, the sweet Polar Bear soap caught my attention. Because it not only smells great, it is also a great gift idea for everyone. The soap cares for the hands with extra virgin coconut oil and soy yoghurt. The polar bear foams well. The cocoa butter it contains also supports the skin so that it does not lose too much moisture and the important, regular hand washing does not become a problem.


Lush – You Shall Go To The Ball Bathbomb



A bath bomb for fairytale princesses and those who want to feel that way is the You Shall Go To The Ball bath bomb. I couldn’t resist this magical bath bomb with a unique scent, and it’s not just for Christmas. Because lemon oil from Sicily and Tonka Absolue are the perfect combination. The soybean flour it contains ensures soft skin while the strawberry milkshake carriage drives you through colorful eddies to the radiant Christmas palace.


Lush – Yog Nog Shower Gel



Glitter and glamor for the holidays is guaranteed in the shower with the Yog Nog shower gel from Lush. A shower gel that smells like dessert. Maple syrup water and glycerin nourish the skin. Cloves and ylang-ylang provide a pleasantly warm and sweet smell.


Lush – Golden Pineapple Lip Peeling



For the kiss under the mistletoe, tender lips are a must for me. The Golden Pineapple lip peeling from Lush helps me with this, so I peel the lips reliably and with a sweet aftertaste. The pineapple powder it contains provides special peeling power. Fine granulated golden sugar helps remove dead skin. Jojoba oil also cares for the lips softly and delicately.


Lush – gift set Secret Santa



The wonderful gift sets from Lush are of course perfect as gifts. The Secret Santa Gift, for example, includes two great bath products: a bubble bath and a bath bomb.



With the Snowman Dreaming bath bomb, the Christmas bath shines with lavender scent in rainbow colors. The Candy Cane bubble bath nourishes with a peppermint scent.