Beauty News III 2022 – My Must-Have Novelties

contains PR samples



Also today I have for you again exciting beauty novelties from hair shampoo to foundation to skincare are my favorites. Gladly I tell you now more about the individual products.


NARS – Light Reflecting Setting Powder & Light Reflecting Foundation


The new Light Reflecting Foundation achieves an even skin tone and the contained skin care ingredients protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences and blue light. The Light Reflecting Setting Powder fixes the makeup reliably without distorting it. The makeup holds wonderfully and the powder blends perfectly.


Shiseido – Essential Energy Day Cream



My new skincare favorite is called Essential Energy Hydrating Cream and instantly improves skin hydration and protects against UV rays. The cream is airy, soft, penetrates quickly and deeply to hydrate the skin.  The active ingredients activate the skin’s ability to produce moisture in depth and prevent fine lines. SHISEIDO’s exclusive Hyaluronic Acid RED provides even deeper and three times longer lasting 24 h hydration. I have been using the cream for 2 weeks now and my skin feels plumper than before.


Elseve Dream Long – 8 second


I have known and used the Elseve Dream Long hair care line for quite some time, and now there is a new care product in the line. The Dream Long Wonder Water-Lamellar gives hair that fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling in just 8 seconds. Weightless, it conditions hair, repairs and prevents further damage. A wonderful conditioner that does not weigh down even my oily hair.


Garnier – Vitamin C Serum


There are new vitamin C serums from Garnier. Garnier Vitamin C Glow Booster Serum is the first serum enriched with 3.5% [NIACIN AMIDE + VITAMIN C* + SALTICYL ACID] to reduce the visibility of dark spots and boost glow. It applies beautifully and absorbs instantly, leaving skin with a healthy glow. For dry skin, I recommend Garnier Vitamin C 2in1 Glow Booster Serum Crème because it combines the properties of a moisturizing cream with the special effectiveness of a serum. The day cream with SPF 25 contains a light formula enriched with valuable vitamin C, which promotes a more radiant complexion. The serum-cream is perfect for mitigating signs of fatigue as well as dark spots on the facial skin. Super Citrus gives the skin more evenness and radiance. The skin immediately appears less dull and radiant.


Garnier Ultra Doux conditioner without washing out



The new Garnier Ultra Doux conditioner without rinsing is a repairing conditioner that leaves damaged and brittle hair looking nourished and cared for again. Garnier Ultra Doux conditioner without washout to save water is the 1st without washout from Garnier. It reliably nourishes the hair and leaves no film on the hair.


LUSH – Easter Collection



The Lush Easter collection is also this year again a must-have, which perfectly tunes you into the coming Easter season and of course also makes a wonderful gift in the Easter nest. I was allowed to try four great products.


  • Disco Duck Bath Bomb: This vegan bath bomb dances with a scent of juniper berry, Persian lime and rosemary in the bath water. With popping crackle fizz and the water is drenched in yellow-green color.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole Exfoliating Body Butter: A favorite every year is the exfoliating body butter. In the shower, exfoliate and condition the skin with it at the same time. Afterwards, I no longer need additional body lotion, because the skin is wonderfully soft cared for. With ground rice and scent of grapefruit and raspberry. A trio of cocoa, shea and illipe butter nourishes the skin.
  • Follow The White Rabbit Bath Bomb: This bath bomb creates a rainbow in the bathtub and awakens the senses with its fruity scent featuring citrus.
  • Flowering Carrot Soap: This handmade and vegan soap nourishes the hands and skin and the contained carrot powder provides cleanliness.