Review: Glamglow – Berryglow & Youtmud Face Mask

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As you know, I love the masks of Glamglow because they are simply the best. All the more I was happy to test a new face mask from Glamglow. Of course I don’t want to keep my opinion from you any longer.


Glamglow – Berryglow


Glamglow - Berryglow


The Berryglow mask from Glamglow not only smells incredibly delicious, it also makes stressed skin shine again. Especially lately my skin suffers from the cold air as well as from the heating air in the office and at home, which results in more dry face areas. The Glamglow Berryglow Mask is a creamy, nutritious and soothing moisturizing mask. The ingredients hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil complement each other to hydrate and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. The probiotics contained help restore skin balance while an antioxidant-rich superfood berry blend provides the skin with essential nutrients. A kind of vitamin smoothie for the skin. Immediately after application, the skin feels nourished and cared for, the feeling of tension has disappeared.


Glamglow – Youthmud


Glamglow Mask


Old but Gold – one of the first masks I was allowed to test by Glamglow was the Youthmud. The Glamglow Youthmud peels the skin with volcanic pumice stone to smooth fine lines and refine the skin texture. Especially great is the fact that natural clay removes impurities without removing the essential oils from the skin. Perfect for cleansing the skin. At the same time, the anti-aging active ingredients and antioxidants of green tea leaves make the skin firmer, more radiant and younger-looking. Especially after a week with little sleep, the Youtmud is the perfect treatment to start the weekend fresh and lively.

Which Glamglow mask is your favourite?


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    Ich mag das Verpackungsdesign schon sehr.
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