The 5 best unwrapped products from Lush

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Lush is for me the epitome of fresh cosmetics and they also have more and more unpackaged products to offer. That’s why I have picked my five favorite unpackaged products from Lush. Because good products often do not need a plastic packaging.


Lush – Sea Vegetable Soap


Lush - Sea Vegetable Seife


The first time I went to a Lush Store, I really wanted one of the great soaps that I noticed in the shop window. The soaps from Lush are still my absolute favorites. Perfect for the summer is the unpackaged Lush Sea Vegetable Soap, it reminds me of the beach. But the soap can smell much more than good. It is rich in minerals and contains algae. Antiseptic lavender oil, exfoliating sea salt and nutrient-rich seaweed make for soft skin and take care of irritations such as sunburn or insect bites. In the process, oils from limes leave a fresh, invigorating feeling on the skin.


Lush – Easy Peeler Bodypeeling



A good peeling does not require microplastics or packaging. I am enthusiastic about the Lush Easy Peeler firm body peeling. It smells deliciously of orange and has a good peeling effect. The skin shines after the application and smells wonderful. The contained citrus fruits have an exhilarating effect. The contained oils: Manderine oil, bergamot oil and tangerine oil come from the peels of citrus fruits. Fine sea salt, cocoa butter and shea butter nourish the skin. In addition, apricot kernel oil and orange peel wax protect the skin. I use the peeling always as needed about once a week. Who needs packed peelings.


Lush – Wiccy Magic Muscles Massagebutter


Lush - Wiccy Magic Muscles Massagebutter


Since I sit a lot in my everyday life, I regularly have to fight with tensions, therefore the Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles massage butter could not be missing among my favourites. The essential oils of peppermint and cinnamon stimulate the circulation to loosen and relax tense, aching muscles. First I use the smooth side to care for the skin. I then use the rougher side with the aduki beans, e.g. in the neck and shoulder area, to relax tense muscles. Organic cocoa butter, shea butter, organic jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil provide rich skin care. It really is a relief, the non-existent packaging does not bother me even with this massage butter, I know of nothing comparable.


Lush – Pumice Power foot peeling


Lush - Pumice Power Fusspeeling


The next highlight is the Lush Pumice Power foot peeling. Most of the time, feet are – wrongly – somewhat forgotten in daily body care. The foot peeling contains pumice stone, which gently removes rough skin. The sweet orange oil refreshes and regenerates. Especially here, too, the fragrance contributes to the mini-wellness experience. The feet can be soaped and exfoliated in one. Afterwards they feel fresh and well-groomed. A great addition to the usual pedicure, which can also be used quickly in the shower. Honestly, I haven’t even seen such a product packed.


Lush – Aromaco Deodorant


Lush - Aromaco festes Deo


Let’s get to the product that really more than delighted me. The Lush Aromaco firm deodorant. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical here, but I am all the more enthusiastic now. The deodorant is an absolute must-have, because I am someone who really needs deodorant in everyday life. So far, however, most deodorants have not been able to convince me for various reasons and antiperspirants contain aluminium. The natural and unpackaged answer to my problems is called Aromaco. A firm, gentle deodorant that absorbs unpleasant odours. Here essential oils and ingredients ensure that the feeling of freshness lasts all day long. The deodorant contains witch hazel and chamomile vinegar, which tighten the pores instead of closing them, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed. The fresh scent is intense but pleasant at first. In any case, it keeps its promises and can also be applied well on warm skin. So if you are looking for a deodorant alternative, be sure to try it. It will surely inspire you.




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