Vegan cosmetic products from Jolu

Contains PR-Samples



Do you already know Jolu? This natural cosmetic brand offers great natural products. I was allowed to test some products and I am thrilled. Most of all from the bar products, because these come with almost no packaging. The care ritual begins with the shower bar. This is super economical and with its orange lavender scent is super relaxing. The contained argan oil cares for the skin during the shower. The product is vegan.


Let’s get to my favorite product in a moment. The vegan Jolu shower butter with cocoa. I am known to be a huge chocolate fan. The special thing about the shower butter is that the skin is already wonderfully cared for in the shower. After the shower, the skin feels super soft and nourished, certainly thanks to the shea butter it contains.


The wonderful body butter with mango naturally cares for the skin gently, I apply it to the slightly damp skin immediately after the shower. So the care can work optimally and leaves a sweet mango scent.



About JOLU

Only raw materials that come from sustainable cultivation are used for vegan natural cosmetics. This ensures that the environment is not unnecessarily polluted or that harmful additives get into cosmetics. Jolu works closely with the producers and suppliers of the raw materials. Vegan natural cosmetics are also based on raw materials that can be quickly broken down by the environment and are recyclable, so that sustainable use is possible.

The vegan natural cosmetics should primarily care for you gently and sustainably. For this reason, attention is paid to particularly careful production, in which the important nutrients and ingredients of the plants are preserved. Artificial colors and preservatives are not used. This is because these contain substances that are dubious for the skin and also pose a considerable risk of allergies.