Stylish table setting in no time


I am a passionate hostess and am always happy to welcome guests to our home. Since my mother worked as a waitress, setting the table nicely and polishing the silver cutlery was just part of the job at home. This influences me to this day. I would therefore like to share my tips and tricks for a stylishly laid table. When we had visitors last time, I prepared a chocolate fountain with fruit skewers for dessert (by the way, this ensures a WOW effect every time, without much effort).


Tips for a stylishly laid table:

  1. Less is more: We all know the over-decorated tables, where the decoration takes up more space than the food served. It is therefore important to reduce to the essentials. In addition to the essential components, I usually leave it at flowers and/or candles – without any excitement.
  2. Color combinations: Like the over-decorated table, a table that is too colorful also has an effect – unless of course this is the concept of the whole thing, e.g. children’s birthday party, carnival – it quickly becomes restless and overloaded. Therefore, I would always come up with a color scheme for the table decoration beforehand and choose the corresponding decorative elements in the desired colors.
  3. Everything can, nothing has to: while my mother is a fan of tablecloths, I usually don’t do much with them at home. That’s why I prefer to use table runners and decorative placemats.
  4. Clean cutlery/plates/glasses: What seems obvious is often not. Too often I have had unclean cutlery, plates or glasses on the table in the restaurant. Since this can sometimes almost spoil your appetite, it is important to pay attention to it.
  5. Serving: It is not only the table itself that should be designed in an appealing way, a beautiful concept can also contribute to a successful meal when arranging the food. Therefore, the same applies here, rather not overloading the plate and decorative serving bowls and Co. make every meal a feast.