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In addition to the right products, tools are at least as important when it comes to make-up. That’s why I’ve put together a little brush guide today in collaboration with I have chosen the brand Real Techniques, they offer great sets which are perfect for make-up pros and beginners alike. The high quality brushes fit perfectly in the hand.


The Face brushes



Let’s start with the basic brushes for a radiant complexion, here I have chosen this beautiful set from Real Techniques, which contains four brushes as well as a practical brush holder, you can find the set just like this at Not only qualitatively, but also optically the set convinces me at first go.


Foundation Brush RT 205: With the flat, angular Foundation Brush, liquid foundation can be applied precisely and easily. The brush hairs are close together and thus ensure an even application.

Buffing Brush RT 204: The Buffing Brush is suitable for the application of loose and pressed powder, which we apply after the foundation for fixation and a powdery finish. The soft hair of this brush ensures a gentle distribution of the product and a natural finish.



Detailer Brush RT 207: With the Detailer Brush, concealer can be applied directly and precisely to the problem areas. This brush is especially designed for the application of liquid or creamy concealer. I always apply the concealer after the foundation under the eyes and on skin impurities.

Contour Brush RT 206: With the Contour Brush you can gently and naturally apply e.g. Bronzing Powder. The powder can be perfectly blended with the Contour Brush.


The Eye Brushes



I am known to be a huge fan of dramatic eye make-up. Often I hardly ever wear lipstick or glossy, but put my main focus on an expressive eye make-up, I just love it when my eyes really sparkle. The right tool is essential, a good start is the Real Techniques Eye Brush Set. Both brushes can be used with powder or cream eye shadow.



Base Shadow Brush RT: With the Base Shadow Brush I apply my eyeshadow precisely on my eyelid. The brush absorbs the eyeshadow well and helps to apply it evenly. Layering is also no problem with the brush.

Deluxe Crease Brush RT: The Deluxe Crease Brush helps to blend and soften the look. Both brushes have very soft brush hairs and are particularly pleasant – both on the skin and for working.


The Sculpt and Glow Cheek Brushes



After the foundation, we highlight the complexion a little more and add dimension to the face, this works best with the Real Techniques Sculpt + Glow brushes.



Cheek Applicator: I’m not a big fan of applicators, but I find the Cheek Applicator very practical, especially for liquid gel highlighters or gel bronzers. It is soft and has a flexible surface. You can also use it for applying primer.


Medium Sculpting Brush RT 406: With the Sculpting Brush and its slanted brush head it is wonderful to contour the cheeks, both with powder and cream products.



Strobing Fan Brush RT 410: With the Strobing Brush, powder highlighter can be applied perfectly, whether on the bridge of the nose, the brow arch or above the cheekbones.

Liquid Highlight Brush RT 411: Liquid Highlighter can then be applied flawlessly with the Liquid Highlight Brush. I can also recommend this brush for the application of cream highlighter.



With these three brush sets from Real Techniques you are definitely well equipped for your next make-up session. The quality is really super, the fine synthetic brush hairs will stay for a long time and will not fall out even with intensive cleaning. At you can find of course other great brush sets and single brushes of different brands.


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