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Foreo UFO 2 Review


I was allowed to test the new UFO 2 by FOREO for you. The abbreviation UFO stands for Ur Future Obsession. With the launch of the FOREO UFO, Skin Tech became possible at home, the UFO 2 now offers even better care and new functions. The FOREO UFO 2 has definitely revolutionized my skincare routine at home. I am absolutely enthusiastic about the countless functions and possibilities. I am happy to introduce the FOREO UFO 2 to you today and report on my experiences.





The FOREO UFO 2 has numerous functions for effective skin care. The programs of the UFO 2 are used with the appropriate masks, more about the application later. But before that I would like to give you a short overview of the functions of the FOREO UFO 2:


  • Full spectrum LED light therapy in 8 different colours for maximum effectiveness and an even more individual treatment according to the skin’s needs
    • Purple LED: Makes fine lines smoother, smoothes the complexion and accelerates the healing process of acne
    • White LED: Reduces swelling and tightens the skin by accelerating the metabolism
    • Green LED: smoothes the complexion, revitalizes dull skin and accelerates the healing process
    • Orange LED: Revitalizes tired skin for a natural steel power
    • Blue LED: Fights acne bacteria and reduces impurities
    • Turquoise LED: Improves cell energy by stimulating metabolism and soothes stressed skin
    • Yellow LED: Reduces redness and relaxes the skin by improving the oxygen exchange of the cells
    • Red LED: anti-aging effect by stimulating the skin’s own collagen production and promoting skin cell regeneration
  • Thermal therapy up to 45C°, which heats up 5 times faster to open the pores and ensure maximum absorption of the mask active ingredients
  • Cryo-therapy up to 5C°, which tightens the skin, refines pores, reduces swelling and locks the mask active ingredients deep under the skin surface
  • 10,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute for a pleasant massage that relaxes facial muscles and revitalises the skin


The UFO 2 works with the FOREO For You app, so facial treatments can be personalized in an even more coordinated way. Also integrated is the “Find my UFO” feature, with which UFO 2 can be selected directly via the FOREO For You App and automatically begins to pulsate until you find it again.


How to use the UFO 2


Now I would like to explain the simple use of the UFO 2 and also introduce my favourite masks.


Installation of the FOREO For You App


Foreo UFO 2


The first step was to download the FOREO For You App to my smartphone, which you can easily find via the printed QR code on the packaging of your UFO 2. The app connects to the FOREO UFO 2 within 5 seconds and you are ready to go.


Choosing the mask


Foreo UFO 2 Review


In total you can choose from 12 masks developed by Korean beauty experts. The following collections are available: Basic Masks Day and Night for daily use, Advanced Mask Collection for special skin needs and Natural Farm to Face Collection with active ingredients from around the world. The FOREO UFO 2 already includes a Make My Day mask and a serum.


Each mask is linked to a pre-programmed skin care routine that optimally combines LED light therapy, pulsations and heat/cold to achieve maximum effect. I will now show you how to use the Make My Day Mask.

Selection of the appropriate skin care routine


Foreo UFO 2 Verwendung
Source: FOREO


First the UFO 2 is getting connected with the FOREO App. On the app the programs of the basic masks are already pre-installed. The other programs of the respective masks can be easily installed by means of a QR code on the packaging. The app turns the smartphone into a remote control.


The usage



According to the default settings the FOREO UFO 2 is ready for use. I first remove the plastic ring of the UFO 2 and carefully take the mask out of its packaging, place the mask on the treatment field and clamp it with the plastic ring. Now I select the mask on my FOREO app and the care routine starts automatically.


Foreo UFO 2 Review


In gentle circular movements I guide the UFO 2 over my cleansed and dry skin. It is important to distribute the mask essence evenly on the skin. The treatment takes 90 or 120 seconds. I let the UFO 2 glide gently over my face. Changes in the respective treatment phase are indicated by 2 rapid pulsations.


The tested masks



One pack of Make My Day Mask contains 7 masks. The mask offers a moisturizing anti-pollution facial treatment. It contains red algae and hyaluronic acid, in only 90 seconds the skin is nourished and I am ready to start the day. The Call It a Night Mask is perfect for intensive care in the evening when time is short. It combines rich olive oil and refreshing ginseng into a deeply nourishing face mask. The 90 seconds time before going to bed couldn’t be better invested.


Foreo UFO 2 Review


Some may not believe it, but yes, I’m approaching my 30s, so to keep looking youthful and fresh I like to use the Youth Junkie Collagen Face Mask with my UFO 2, which contains an ultra-rich renewal complex that deeply nourishes the skin for a firmer look. The 2 minute collagen facial is a luxury that I don’t want to miss anymore. One pack contains 6 masks.



I’m a Glow Addict, so of course I had to test the mask of the same name for the UFO as well. This face mask contains pearl extract, lightens dull skin and gives a radiant and healthy glow. The treatment takes 90 seconds. Since I have to fight with oily skin and skin impurities I use the treatment of the Matte Maniac Mask. The extra cleansing activated carbon face mask removes excess sebum and impurities. In combination with UFO Cryotherapy and blue LED light, it offers a 90-second facial treatment to reduce pores and impurities.


I can see and feel the result immediately with all masks. I am really enthusiastic about the FOREO UFO 2 and will definitely integrate it permanently into my skincare routine.




  1. Friday August 21st, 2020 / 07:23 PM

    Mal wieder etwas ganz Neues für mich und spannend.
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Monday August 24th, 2020 / 06:14 PM

      Ja, war auch für mich was ganz Neues 🙂

  2. Anna
    Wednesday August 26th, 2020 / 11:46 AM

    Ich habe das Ufo 2 schon zwei Wochen und mein Hautbild ist deutlich besser geworden. Ich kann nicht mehr ohne 🙂

    • Friday August 28th, 2020 / 09:56 AM

      Ja ich bin auch absolut begeistert.

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