The best sunscreen products 2018 for body, face and hair

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Sonnenschutz test Review Sonnencreme


The summer is currently in a sunny mood including daily sunshine: much needed because of that is an accurate sun protection. Meanwhile, there are sunscreen in various forms to give you an overview of the best new products. I have tested myself through some product novelties and introduce you to my favorites today.


Shiseido Clear Stick UV Protector


The Shiseido Clear Stick UV protector is one of my absolute favorites this summer, all make-up lovers like me certainly know the problem, either you take a make-up with included UV protection or the sunscreen must be incorporated otherwise. Super easy is this now with the Clear Stick by Shiseido, he can easily be applied under the make-up and immediately acts like a primer. Make-up above it and you’re done. The citrus scent is also very pleasant. The Shiseido Clear Stick UV Protector is then non-comedogenic, water-repellent and does not stick. You can also apply it over the make-up, but I find it better underneath. Often we forget the sun protection of our lips, straight on the beach but also red lips look seductive. The Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash protects the lips with SPF 30 from the harmful UVA rays and at the same time you receive red kiss lips. Another advantage over a lip balm – it does not melt.


clarins Sun Care Cream


Also from Clarins there are this summer new sunscreen products available. I have tested the Crème Solaire Sécurité, the Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage and the Baume Après Soleil Régénérant Réhydratant Intense. So the whole range that you need. Clarins Solaire Sécurité by Clarins has sun protection factor 30, it has a creamy formula and is suitable for the body. I particularly like the summery floral scent. For the face and décolleté I use from this range the Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage, which also contains sun protection factor 30. It also counteracts wrinkles and skin aging. Both products must be reapplied after bathing in order to maintain the sunscreen. Even after sunbathing or at the beach, the skin needs extra care. The Baume Après Soleil Régénérant Réhydratant Intense provides the skin with the necessary moisture on the body and face, regenerates and extends the tan. The après care also has the same scent, therefore a complete line for the other sunny days.


Avène Cleanance Solaire


At Avène, you can find sunscreen for hypersensitive, sensitized skin, which is 100% mineral and does not require any chemical filters, fragrances or parabens. I was allowed to test the hypoallergenic mineral sun fluid with SPF 50, it is slightly creamy and leaves a wonderful glow on the skin, perfect for the day at the beach. My tip: It is also suitable for daily use to get a natural glow in everyday life. If you are prone to oily skin, Avène Cleanance Solaire SPF 50 may be the better choice as the pumpkin seed extract in it regulates sebum production and is ideal for oily skin. It has a slightly matting effect and has a pleasant fragrance like a perfume. The formulation is noticeably less greasy, but the matting effect is not enough for me to keep the skin shiny.


I am Sun Protect Leave in Spray Migros


For years already, I use a sunscreen spray for the hair and scalp. All the more I was happy about the new I Am Sun Protect Leave-In Spray by Migros. It contains UVA and UVB filters, which preserve the natural moisture and prevent fading. In addition, the care provides optimal protection against seawater and chlorine. Shake the spray well before sunbathing and spray into dry or damp hair. It is important to shake the spray well first, so that the phases can mix. An absolute buy tip with a great price-performance ratio.


Aderma Creme très haute protection


The sun protection products of Aderma I could already test last year. The cream très haute protection with sun protection factor 50 is particularly suitable for normal to dry skin and intended for the face, neck and décolleté. It is a plant-based sunscreen that contains the active substance rhealba®, a seed oil that protects the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. The cream has a light and liquid consistency and can be applied well, it is perfumed.


Ultrasun Body Tan Activator SPF 30


One of my favorite products this summer is the Ultrasun Body Tan Activator SPF 30. This is a tan-activating sunscreen gel, in my opinion the gel is in the consistency between a gel and a cream, a creamy gel. It is easy to apply and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Now it takes me a long time until I accept a tan. The Ultrasun Body Tan Activator contains a tanning activating substance that stimulates melanin production and activates the natural tanning process. I noticed an effect when tanning and am happy with it. Nevertheless, it contains an SPF 30 and therefore protects optimally.


Sun Look Sport Sun Spray SF50


For all athletes among you my boyfriend has tested the Sun Look Sport Sun Spray SF50. It is easy to spray on and spread on the skin. In addition, the spray is very convenient to take with you and can not leak. The SPF 50 is especially important when exercising. Actually, my boyfriend can not go longer without it to the skating rink. The extra-durable formula also keeps sweat out, but sunspray should be applied again for a longer stay in the sun. Especially the easy application without the typical creaming is to be evaluated positively.
Garnier ambre solaire sensitive expert anti age review
The Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Expert + Anti-Age SPF 50 is a sunscreen for use on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. It is perfume-free, waterproof, non-greasy and has a light texture. The cream is absorbed well and does not greasy. Priced a good option.
Weleda Edelweiss Sonnencreme Gesicht

This year I also tested a sunscreen product of the Natural Cosmetics Division. The Edelweiss sunscreen for the face of Weleda with SPF 30 is waived here on chemical sunscreen. The sunscreen has a refreshing lemon fragrance, which I personally find very appealing. It can be applied very well thanks to the relatively fluid texture and absorbs quickly enough. The sunscreen is also vegan.


Daylong Face 50+
By Daylong there is a newly tinted BB fluid with sun protection factor 50. This I prefer to use instead of make-up to still have some color in the face. The fluid absorbs well and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin without sticking. The color adapts easily to the skin tone and looks very natural. In addition, the formulation is not comedogenic.
Louis widmer 50 + All day
The Liposomal Sun Milk All Day by Louis Widmer also has a sun protection factor of 59 and is waterproof. It is particularly suitable for extremely sun-sensitive skin. The consistency corresponds to a sunscreen and is therefore more liquid than a cream, it can be applied well. The sunscreen is dermatologically tested and contains UVA and UVB protection filters. An allrounder product for the whole day. The sunscreen is slightly perfumed.


Which sunscreen products are you currently using?



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