Guerlain – AQUA ALLEGORIA fragrance news 2021

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While we hope for summer weather, the new AQUA ALLEGORIA fragrances bring the flower meadows to my home. Today, I am happy to introduce you to the two new fragrances from the AQUA ALLEGORIALinie. Since 1999, the fragrances of the AQUA ALLEGORIA line have been exploring new gardens and essences. In 2021, they continue to present two fragrance extensions in a bee bottle that reflects both beauty and the heritage and preservation of nature. However, the bees represent more than just a symbol at GUERLAIN, they are nature’s original perfumers! That’s why I’m also immediately drawing your attention to Guerlain’s great fundraising campaign on the occasion of World Bee Day on May 20, 2021.





My new favorite fragrance is called Guerlain – AQUA ALLEGORIA FLORA SALVAGGIA. Because here wildflowers, Arabian jasmine, melon, white musk and a touch of violet and iris meet. A wonderful floral, delicate and extremely feminine summer fragrance. Fused together they give all senses a feeling of fruity freedom, it’s like the heat of the summer day reaching its peak.





Also a wonderful summer fragrance is the AQUA ALLEGORIA NETTARE DI SOLE by Guerlain. The combination of magnolia, rose, Arabian jasmine and Calabrian bergamot creates a honey-sweet bouquet with a fresh touch. The sweetness of honey harmonizes wonderfully with aquatic freshness. My summer fragrance for every day.



The two new fragrances are available since May 3, 2021 at your favorite perfumery or online e.g. at Globus.



World Bee Day will take place on May 20, 2021. The bee has a very special connection. That’s why Guerlain wants to further strengthen its commitment to the protection of bees, our precious guardians of the environment, which has been in place for over fourteen years.


With an unprecedented fundraising campaign, from May 20 to 22, Guerlain will raise up to 1 million euros in support of the “Guerlain For Bees Conservation Program”; a non-profit program that involves direct financial support for 6 associations and initiatives that work to preserve the bee and raise awareness of its progressive disappearance around the world.


To take part:

Over three days, Guerlain will donate 20% OF ITS WORLDWIDE SALES and 20 EURO FOR EACH REPOST OF THIS INSTAGRAM PICTURE, share the image in your story or feed with the hashtags #GUERLAINFORBEESUND #WORLDBEEDAY