The perfect business look with my tailor-made suit from Sumissura

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Businesslook Massanzug Sumissura


What belongs to a perfect business look? A suit that fits perfectly. The tailor-made suits from Sumissura are just the right choice for this. Especially in everyday business life, “dress for success” still applies. A convincing appearance requires the right business look. As a lawyer, the suit is part of the working day anyway. Important is that a good charisma is also created by those who feel comfortable in a suit. Then a suit is more than just work clothing, it can be stylish and express personality.


Why choose a tailor-made suit?



Like many of you, I don’t have the model measurements – especially with my height of 1,60 cm it’s not easy to find a fitting suit. Most of the time I struggle with too long trousers and too wide shoulders as well as too long sleeves on the blazer. But this does not have to be the case, a tailor-made suit is the solution.

I like to cultivate a personal style and love refined details. With my classic suit from Sumissura, I was able to personalize many details. I really like the selected interior pattern for example. The suit can easily be customized according to your wishes and needs. First I’ve chosen a fabric, I took a grey pinstriped fabric for a flawless look. Afterwards the style can be chosen as well, I decided to go for a single-breasted blazer with two buttons. The possibilities are numerous. Also details like the reverse, the buttons, the pockets as well as hem and length can be adjusted to your own wishes.


Businesslook essentials


Businesslook Massanzug Sumissura


But what makes a stylish business look? The be-all and end-all of the business look is the suit – my classic suit from Sumissura fits for every meeting. For a modern and chic look, I have combined a satin top with lace. For a business meeting, a white blouse is always a good choice of course.

Important are then high-quality accessories, because they enhance the tailor-made suit even more. With my suit I wear patent pumps from Hugo Boss and a black bag from Maison Mollerus. As a lover of statement earrings, these could not be missing. For the business meeting I would combine simple pearl earrings and a high-quality watch.


Businesslook Massanzug Sumissura


And now off to the next meeting. I hope you enjoy designing your custom-made suit at Sumissura.



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