My summer costume from Sumissura – made to measure, of course

Contains PR samples



As you know, I’m a fan of suits, blazers and costumes. For spring and the coming summer, I have now had a new costume tailor-made at Sumissura. The new fabrics are colorful and perfect for this time of year.



First I chose the fabric, one of the new colors called Waterlily. Then I chose the length of the blazer. The single-row or double-row style can also be personalized. This time I went for a double-breasted blazer with gold buttons. Then I created the skirt according to my wishes. Both parts can of course then also be worn separately from each other. Since it’s a business costume, I decided on the long version. The cool thing about the design on is that you can see the design digitally right away.



Here you can see the details of the completed costume. It took about 4 weeks for this tailor-made costume to be delivered. I am absolutely in love with the little details. In particular, the golden buttons make the costume an eye-catcher. I also had my initials embroidered on the inside of the blazer. The inner lining can also be configured according to your own wishes at Sumissura. Since this is an eye-catching costume, my choice this time remained simple and elegant.



As always, the costume fits perfectly and the workmanship is great. The quality of the fabrics used also completely convinced me once again. I think the blazer is particularly great, because if it should be casual, I will simply combine it with white or blue jeans and a simple white top or blouse. Colored suits bring a good mood into everyday life. I will definitely get more. Maybe even a patterned suit next time.


At Sumissura you can not “only” have suits tailored, but also great festive dresses, trench coats, blouses or coats.