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About a month ago I visited the beautiful Budapest in Hungary, today I want to show you my personal impressions of this beautiful city a little bit closer. In addition, I have put together some tips for you. Since a lot of people have asked for my accommodation on Instagram, I will introduce you to it as well.




Budapest Fischerbastei


Budapest offers many attractions, especially the Fisherman’s Bastion is an amazing one. It rises above the castle hill and lies in the so-called castel village. The impressive building was built between 1895 and 1902. There are two entrances, the castle is run by two different companies. On the left side is a restaurant. The entrance for the right side costs approx. 8 Euro with a climb to the church tower of the neighboring church.



Beautiful then is the view that you can enjoy from the Fisherman’s Bastion. You see all over Budapest.


Budapest Fischerbastei


This is the view from the church tower of the Matthias Church. We used the opportunity for the guided ascent and learned something about the history of this extraordinary church. It was badly damaged during World War II, but then rebuilt according to the old plans. Even kings were crowned here. In addition, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage building.



Especially extraordinary is the roof, designed in many colors. You should not miss out on a visit to the castle district. We traveled by public transport and then walked to the hill.



You will also find a small marketplace in the castle village where you can buy any souvenirs. Paprika cook sets are particularly popular.



After a lunch at Jamie’s Italian we started the descent. This also looks beautiful, past the castle palace, which also offers a beautiful view. Also its garden is more than worth seeing.




Already the entrance area presents itself extremely royal. If you like beautiful panoramic views and fascinating buildings, then make sure to visit the Castle Quarter. Believe me, the climb is really worth it.


Gellerthill Budapest


Also beautiful and unreal looks the “entrance” for the Gellérthill. Above this small waterfall stands the “Monument of the Holy Martyr Bishop Gellért”. On top of the mountain itself you will find the Statue of Liberty.



But not only this, in addition to numerous souvenir shops, there are some snack stands. I just had to approve this bubble waffle with chocolate and oreos, you need to try it. It is so delicious. The traditional cuisine of Hungary is rather hearty, there are many sausages to buy, since I am more into sweets I choosed this treat.


Aussicht Gellertberg Budapest


As already mentioned offers a beautiful panoramic view of Budapest. Especially the Elisabeth Bridge is very good here. The Danube and the wide view are breathtaking.


Kettenbrücke Budapest


This is the beautiful Chain Bridge, many tourists climb the steel girders to take photos. But not only this, in the challenge for the latest song by Drake, Will Smith also climbed upon it for a Youtube video.



I can highly recommend a walk along the Danube on both the left and the right bank. The green bridge here is the so-called Liberty Bridge and in the last picture you can already see the next top sight of Budapest.


Parlamentsgebäude Budapest


The Parliament building of Budapest is probably the most impressive of the whole city. It is located directly on the Danube and looks like a building in a fairy tale.


Cafe New York Budapest


Another attraction you shouldn’t miss is the Cafe New York, if you have enough time. It is part of the New York Palace Hotel in Budapest and is open from early morning until midnight.



We had only made it at 23 clock to this magnificent place, there were not quite as many tourists as probably at the usual times. Therefore, this is perhaps a little tip too, just visit on the edge of times  this impressive cafe to enjoy it in peace.



Do not miss the sunset on the Danube and take an evening walk. If so, you should pay a visit to the Rudas Thermal Bath. Here you can bathe under the open sky in a dome with a beautiful view of the Danube and the city.



Even at night, Budapest is very nice to discover. There are also some gorgeous rooftop bars. We even paid a short visit to the party mile, but I can advise against that – unless you like the Ballermann. In addition, you should be careful because taxis are extremely expensive and tourists like to charge even more. Rely on the public transport and buy a day ticket. Also in the subway stations you should not stay longer, especially you should not let yourself be distracted, if you buy tickets. Unfortunately, there are quite strange people there, which aren’t well-intentioned against tourists. As a woman, I wouldn’t also visit certain districts in the evening alone.




Budapest hotel

Many of you have asked me on Instagram for my beautiful accommodation in Budapest. No, it was not a hotel, but a dreamlike apartment. It is an Airbnb accommodation. You do not have an Airbnb account yet? No problem sign up with my link and you will receive a 40 CHF discount on your first booking over 75 CHF – probably for a stay at this accommodation you can save immediately. So sign up here right now.



The V1 Luxury Apartment offers a fantastic view of the parliament building but not only. The decor is just beautiful. It feels like staying in a mansion. The apartment is in a top condition and super clean.




Parlamentsgebäude Budapest









  1. Sunday September 2nd, 2018 / 04:21 PM

    Danke für die wundervollen Impressionen!
    Liebe Sonntagsgrüße!

  2. Monday September 3rd, 2018 / 04:05 PM

    Budapest ist ja eine richtig tolle Stadt. Das hätte ich jetzt gar nicht so realisiert. Ich denke, ein Besuch lohnt sich dort auf alle Fälle.
    Du siehst auf den Fotos phantastisch aus und im Parlamentsgebäude wie eine Prinzessin.

    LG Sabine

    • Tuesday September 4th, 2018 / 07:17 AM

      Liebe Sabine

      Ja es ist wirklich besonders architektonisch sicherlich eine Reise wert. Wir hatten nur knapp 2 Tage, ansonsten hätten wir sicherlich noch mehr schöne Plätze entdeckt 🙂

      Liebe Grüsse


    • Tuesday September 4th, 2018 / 07:18 AM

      It was absolutely amazing.

    • Tuesday September 4th, 2018 / 10:30 PM

      You really need to.

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