Review: Benefit the Porefessional Hydrate Primer

Benefit Poreprofessional


When I discovered the Benefit Porefessional at Sephora 4 years ago, I was thrilled. Finally a primer that makes the skin look as flawless as possible and also keeps it super. Since then, the Porefessional has been my daily companion, especially during photo shoots. New is now the Porefessional Hydrate Primer from Benefit, which I have of course also tested for you.


Benefit – the Porefessional Pore Primer


Benefit - the Porefessional Pore Primer 


As I said, I have been using Benefit Porefessional Pore Primer for years now and I am delighted with the results. The light, oil-free primer makes pores and fine lines almost disappear optically and thus ensures an even-looking complexion. I apply the Porefessional Pore Primer to the skin in the morning after moisturising and before make-up. Another good tip is to mix the Porefessional Primer directly with the foundation.


Benefit – the Porefessional Hydrate Primer


Benefit - the Porefessional Hydrate Primer


The Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer is now brand new. The formula of the new Hydrate Primer is as light as a feather and rich at the same time. For an extra portion of moisture, it is enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid and nutritious shea butter, thus moisturising the skin, helping it to retain moisture for a long time and intensifying its radiance even before make-up is applied. The Hydrate Primer also makes tiny wrinkles disappear as reliably as dilated pores. It also absorbs excess oil for up to 12 hours. The skin is gently and lastingly matted. You can also apply the Primer sparingly, it reliably prolongs the durability of foundation and co. Especially for those who tend to dry skin, the Hydrate Primer is a primer and care in one.


You can find both primers from Benefit at Sephora Switzerland.


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