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Saturday Nightlife … Before I go out – for a long time ago I wasn’t – I would like to introduce you to a few make-up news, which I have tested the last weeks.


bourjois eyecatching mascara


One of the novelties is the Eye Catching Mascara by Bourjois. It is a volume mascara and it has a classic brush. With the help of the brush, it can be applied without lumps. The black is intense and does not stick. The durability is also very good, so the Eye Catching Mascara made it to my everyday products.


eyecatching Liner Bourjois


Matching the mascara, there is the Eye Catching Felt-Tip Eyeliner by Bourjois. It is easy to apply and is suitable for drawing a winged eyeliner. The tip lasts a long time and reliably releases the color.


Silly Sponge


Incidentally, I also tested the Silly Sponge – this one is from Tally Weijl. However, he could not convince me. Even the Foundation smeared rather than it can be applied evenly. I prefer to apply my foundation with a brush and sponge.



One of my current favorites is the Wet’n’Wild Ultimatebrow Pencil. I’ve already tested similar pens in a higher price range in the past and have to say that the budget-priced of Wet’n’Wild can absolutely keep up. The brow can be precisely traced and the durability and color strength is good. Then I use only a little brewing powder.


Matte Mat Primer Wetnwild


The Photofocus Face Primer in Matte Mat is perfect for anyone who – like me – likes a matte finish. Especially with the Photofocus Foundation of Wet’n’Wild he harmonizes very well and the makeup is holding better.


photofocus foundation wetnwild review


Not for the first time I was allowed to test the Wet’n’Wild Photofocus Foundation – it is my absolute favorite foundation in this price range. Now it is also available in other colors – as in Golden Beige. This foundation was great for my tanned complexion after my trip to the United States.


Natural Finish Setting Spray Wetnwild Review


From the same range is the Photofocus Natural Finish Setting Spray by Wet’n’Wild. What I like is the practical size and the durability. However, there is deduction for the smell – I am careful here and do not spray it into the eye area. Also, the spray head is unfortunately suboptimal and it forms no nice “drizzle” but it sprays very punctually. That’s why I’m staying with my favorite Glowsetter by Glamglow.


Wetnwild brushes makeup


Now for my current highlight of Wet’n’Wild – these beautiful brushes complete the existing range. They are not only looking pretty, but also very well made. Even after repeated cleanings, the brushes lose no hair and do not discolour. In addition, the amount of brush hair is well chosen for the particular purpose.



The synthetic hairs also feels pleasant on the skin. Powder and Co. can be applied well. Again, a recommendation on my opinion.



New colors are also available on the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadows by Wet’n’Wild. All four new colors glitter very nice. They can be applied well with the applicator. But you have to dry completely.


swatches wetnwild liquid catsuit eyeshadow


The opacity is different. On the swatches you can see the colors Emerald Gaze, Gun Metal, Shells & Whistles and Cashmere Love. The two lighter shades are my favorites here. But also the opacity of Gun Metal is very good.



And with a lot of glitter it goes on. Some time ago I received this beautiful lip gloss from MAC Cosmetics. It reminds me of unicorns – in short I love the packaging and the color so much. That’s why I wanted to introduce him to you. Just Hustlin is the name of the color.


How do you like the products?


makeup lets get ready



  1. Sunday November 4th, 2018 / 12:14 PM

    Danke für die Vorstellung. Ich finde ja das Pinselset toll!
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Priscilla
      Monday November 5th, 2018 / 06:32 PM

      Ja die Pinsel sind toll 😀 Ich liebe sie.

    • Priscilla
      Monday November 5th, 2018 / 06:33 PM

      Der ist wirklich top und der Preis auch.

    • Priscilla
      Tuesday November 13th, 2018 / 02:18 PM

      Yes it’s a great brand.

    • Priscilla
      Tuesday November 13th, 2018 / 02:18 PM

      Me too <3

    • Priscilla
      Thursday November 15th, 2018 / 10:46 AM

      Thank you for visiting my blog

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