The new lipstick colors from Dr. Hauschka

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As you know, Dr. Hauschka my absolute favorite brand when it comes to natural cosmetics, because the quality is incomparably high. Today I would like to give you an insight into the latest lipstick collection from Dr. Give Hauschka.

Mineral pigments, as they occur in nature, ensure the rich color tones of the lipsticks. Almond oil, carnauba wax and medicinal plant extracts turn lipstick into high-quality, natural care – for beautiful and healthy lips. You can also feel this when applying. The lips feel well cared for. I especially like the rich color.

This is how you create the perfect lip makeup:

  • To make the lipstick stick longer, apply a small amount of the Compact Powder or Loose Powder from Dr. Dab Hauschka on your lips.
  • For a particularly delicate result, the color can be gently applied to the lips with your finger. This ensures a softer, slightly matt finish.
  • A finish with the Dr. Hauschka lip cosmetic or lip gold. Dr. Hauschka lip products in all their different colors can also be combined or mixed with one another, which is why the following also applies here: Create your own.


The following six new shades of lipstick from Dr. Hauschka are now available: No. 21 foxglove, No. 22 millionbells, No. 23 chocamocha, No. 24 marram, No. 25 holy clover and No. 26 hibiscus.