Travelguide: Gardaland – the most popular amusement park in Italy

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The last few weeks have passed me by, caused by job and traveling, so I was not able to tell you about my stay in Gardaland in a timely manner. But I really like to catch up on that today and maybe you will enjoy yourself soon in the most popular amusement park in Italy. Gardaland or Lake Garda was the starting point of our summer road trip through Switzerland – Italy – Slovenia and Croatia.



A few months ago, I visited Lake Garda and Verona with my best friend, where I became aware of Gardaland. Back home, I looked at the amusement park site online and soon I got the idea for my road trip this summer. Also this time we spent a day on Lake Garda, a really idyllic area, which is the feeling of a mixture of sea and lake.



In keeping with the Gardaland there are two hotels, we booked a room in the Adventure Hotel – there was an offer for early bookers in combination with amusement park tickets. Depending on the floor, the rooms at Adventure-Hotel are held in a specific theme. Themed rooms are available as Arctic, Arabian, Wild West and Jungle Adventure. We have reserved a Jungle Adventure room. The hotel was very good, the room was awesome. Also the breakfast was very good, especially for Italy they offered a rich selection. Only the rule to wear a swimming cap in the pool was annoying, even the lifeguard has told us that he is sorry, but the boss is not dissuaded from this pointless rule. As well as the swimming cap purchase compulsory (costs about 8.- 10 Fr. per person).



But more about the amusement park itself. To get an overview of the park, we drove to the beginning with the Transgardaland Express and the Monorotaia. Then we went high with Flying Island. The theme worlds are not as big as elsewhere but very nicely designed. I particularly liked the tree – admittedly inside very oldschool – in the children’s world. I also really liked the Arab world, there were also oriental dance performances in between.



Next to the Gardaland Park is the Sealife Aquarium, an entry ticket was already included in our combined offer. Otherwise, it costs 5 euros. However, a visit to the cool aquarium is worthwhile, especially on hot summer days at noon. Surprisingly, it was very empty despite many visitors.



Of course, the roller coasters depend on your preferences; I liked the one’s in Kung-Fu Panda land very well and of course all water coasters. The waiting times were usually about 30 – 60 minutes at highly requested coasters. However, very time-dependent. By the evening it took 10 minutes for the same rides. As probably many Italians visit the park for a day and therefore they go back early. Unlike other amusement park such as Disneyland. There are no major security checks here. You can easily walk into the park with your ticket. Only visitors with large backpacks are asked to open it sometimes. In addition, many visitors take their lunch with them. So you can see La Familia picnic and eat pasta. Recommended at the park restaurants is the food court near the Kun-Fu Panda country, where they offer delicious piadina. Otherwise, the restaurants are rather less recommended, as expensive and not very tasty. It is better to visit the snack stands. In between, there are also many scores and machines – a lot of visitors have giant stuffed animals with them.



There are also some classics in the amusement park, so I could not miss a ride on the Retrokarrussel. All in all, the Gardaland is a cheap park, something completely different and perfect if you go to Italy or Croatia anyway on vacation.



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    • Wednesday October 10th, 2018 / 08:24 AM

      It’s so fun 😀

  1. Thursday October 4th, 2018 / 03:56 PM

    Oh klasse, da würde ich auch gerne mal hin.
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Wednesday October 10th, 2018 / 08:24 AM

      Es ist wirklich super 🙂

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