PRP treatment at Hair & Skin: My experience report

in collaboration with Hair & Skin



Have you ever heard of PRP treatment? I’m happy to tell you more about it today, basically it’s a natural treatment method using your own blood. Hair & Skin offers PRP treatment for skin and hair, as well as hair transplants. You can find the clinics of Hair & Skin in Zurich, Basel, Winterthur, Lucerne, Aarau and St. Gallen. I had my treatment at Hair & Skin in Lucerne.


Free consultation



Before the treatment begins, you will receive competent advice from a doctor during a free 3o minute consultation. You can easily book the free appointment online and without obligation at the desired location. During the appointment, the desired treatment method will be explained to you and you can ask questions. So if you are not sure which treatment you want or if you want a treatment, I advise you to book a consultation appointment. I chose a combination treatment with PRP for skin and hair. The treatment for the skin is also known as vampire lifting.


The treatment



To start the treatment, a skin and hair analysis is first done. These are performed by the expert doctors of Hair & Skin. After that, the treatment plan is made. I was to have four treatments within four months and a final check-up two months later. I felt wonderfully taken care of from the beginning, my needs and questions were addressed.


Own Blood Treatment Hair



Unfortunately, I have had problems with my hair growth and hair loss for a long time, so I decided to have the PRP Hair treatment. In your own blood treatment Hair blood is taken and processed with a special procedure. The red blood cells are separated and the platelet-rich plasma remains. This is then injected and these nutrients then supply the hair roots for healthy hair growth. After the treatment, of course, you should not wash your hair on the same day. The treatment itself is not painful, and a numbing cream can be applied. Here you can see how it works.




The treatment makes the hair thicker, healthier and fuller in a natural way. After 6 to 8 weeks a change is visible. The treatment was additionally supported with capsules from ©Pantogar.



I myself could already notice an improvement after the 2nd treatment, such as many new baby hairs. Moreover, my hairdresser was also of the opinion that my hair grew much faster than before. After the four treatment intervals within four months, there is a break of two months. Then, during the final analysis, the treatment result is analyzed and the further procedure is discussed with the doctor.


Own blood treatment Skin



A year ago I celebrated my 30th birthday. As we all know, we are getting older and the first wrinkles and fine lines have also appeared on my skin. The own blood treatment Skin helps with wrinkles, dull skin or dark circles under the eyes. The procedure is almost identical. First, blood is taken, which is then processed with a special procedure. If you, like me, choose a package from the treatment for skin and hair, then of course blood is taken only once and the treatments are carried out one after the other.

The whole face or individual areas can be treated:

  • Eye circles
  • Eyebrows
  • nasolabial and forehead wrinkles
  • fine and deep wrinkles
  • acne scars
  • cheeks and midface

This is how the procedure of the own blood hair treatment is designed.




The treatment procedure is similar to the treatment of the patient’s own blood. In my case, we started with the treatment of the face. First, an anesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated. Then the platelet-rich plasma is injected with fine needles. The doctors were always very concerned about my well-being and adjusted the intensity according to my needs. After the treatment, a cooling and nourishing sheet mask is applied while the hair treatment is started.



After the treatment, the skin is immediately plumped up and the face is still somewhat swollen and red for a few hours. But the next day at the latest you are socially fit again. The autohaemotherapy Skin works in a natural way, so the face does not look changed afterwards, which was very important to me personally. However, I am very satisfied, because since then my face looks much plumper and the skin more radiant. In addition, the slightly beginning fine lines and wrinkles, especially my small frown line were visibly reduced.

I can really recommend Hair & Skin and advise you to make a free appointment if you are interested. You can read even more testimonials on the Hair & Skin website.